Svecla displeased over the allegation that the actions in the north are violent: This is an invitation to Radoicic’s thugs to attack policemen

Zvečan opština upad u institucije

The Kosovo Minister of the Interior reacted last night on two occasions in connection with the Kosovo police action in the north. In his first reaction, he boasted about the fact that the new mayors entered the municipal buildings by force, with help of a strong showing of special forces. The second time Svecla reacted, it was to express his displeasure over the strong condemnations of the Kosovo authorities and Albin Kurti, primarily coming from the US and Quint.

The US reacted harshly through several representatives – American ambassadors and embassies in Pristina and Belgrade, Senator Chris Murphy, who recently paid a visit to the region, State Department special counsellor Derek Chollet, and finally Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

Warning of escalating tensions and increasing instability, the US Secretary of State, in a separate statement and via Twitter and his spokesman, called on Kurti to immediately halt the violent measures and refocus on dialogue under the auspices of the EU.

„The United States strongly condemns the actions by the Government of Kosovo to access municipal buildings in the north of Kosovo by force, actions it took against the advice of the United States and Kosovo’s European partners. These actions have sharply and unnecessarily escalated tensions, undermining our efforts to help normalize relations between Kosovo and Serbia and will have consequences for our bilateral relations with Kosovo. We call on Prime Minister Albin Kurti to reverse course and on all sides to refrain from any further actions that will inflame tensions and promote conflict.“

KFOR reacted in a similar manner, describing the entry of new mayors into municipal buildings as „violent“ and „extremely dangerous“ for the normalization process.

Quint, EU, UNMIK, OSCE also criticized the action, prompting Svecla to react again, this time to express his displeasure, primarily at the US assessment that the actions were „violent“.

„Marking the legal and civilized actions of the Kosovo Police as ‘violent’ and its law enforcement operations as ‘violence’ is an ‘invitation’ to Milan Radocic from the US blacklist to order his thugs to attack the Kosovo policemen,“ Svecla claimed.

He says that everyone must act responsibly.

„Any loss of life should be prevented with maximum caution. A balanced choice of words in these situations is essential. Misrepresentation of reality can lead to human casualties,“ emphasized Svecla.

He also said that the newly elected mayors of the municipalities of Zvecan, Zubin Potok and Leposavic have „settled“ in their offices in municipal buildings.

„They will continue their work,“ he added.

On the other hand, he once again congratulated the police for their „professionalism“ in protecting institutions, the rule of law and democracy from „organized criminal groups“.
„I urge everyone not to fall for the manipulations of these groups that want chaos and the suspension of the rule of law, because the institutions of Kosovo will always be open and at the service of all citizens,“ this minister said.

Yesterday’s Kosovo police action began at around 11 am, when these mayors first attempted, accompanied by the regular units of the Kosovo police, to enter the municipal buildings under the control of the Provisional Authorities. After they failed to do so, due to residents gathering protest in all three municipalities, and after air raid sirens were heard, strong forces of special units of the Kosovo Police entered these municipalities. They entered the municipal buildings by force while citizens resisted. Later in the afternoon, the police took down the Serbian flags and displayed Kosovo flags.

The Kosovo Police action also hailed by the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani.

„The actions of the Kosovo police towards Vucic’s illegal structures and criminal groups are legitimate, in fulfilling their constitutional duties and in the defense of all citizens, without distinction,“ she said.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, who met with the KFOR commander last night, told him that the mayors must perform their duties, but also that the municipal buildings are owned by the „Republic“.

On the other hand, the President of Serbia announced the meeting of the Security Council in connection with the situation in Kosovo from a rally in Belgrade, stating that Pristina was waiting for „all the males from Kosovo to come to Belgrade to enter the municipalities“.

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