The owner of the torched car: They took away my source of income

The owner of the car torched in Zubin Potok last night shared a Facebook post about it today, along with a video of his now completely destroyed vehicle.

„It was like a scene from a horror movie“ – B.B., who owns the MB taxi company, thus described the scene that greeted him in front of his apartment building at around 3 a.m. last night, when his wife told him that his car was on fire.

As the vehicle was parked near the residential building at the time, B.B. states that the fire did not spread to the building only due to the quick reaction of the firefighters.

B.B, once a well-known Serbian journalist, specified that the vehicle was worth 3,000 euros, which he used as a taxi for the last three years.

In his Facebook post, and then in a conversation with KoSSev, he stressed that this car was not recently reregistered to RKS, but that he switched from KS to Kosovo plates in February of last year.

He says that he drove a car with RKS license plates because he regularly transported Serbs from the north or Serbia proper to the enclaves south of the Ibar for either paperwork-related obligations or visits to churches and monasteries.

When his car was set on fire last night, his children were in their family apartment. He testified that his daughters were traumatized by last night’s events.

While noting that the perpetrators may have managed to send a warning to others through him, if that was their goal, he stated that they also succeeded in taking away his family’s source of income.

„I’m not even going to try to find out who did it, but I’m going to ask them just one thing, that when they pass by my daughters, they lower their heads because tonight they traumatized them for life and took bread from their mouths, and they didn’t deserve that,“ B.B. told KoSSev, remarking that he now has to start from scratch.

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