The forensic medicine department from Pristina opens an investigation at the dug-out town cemetery in N. Mitrovica, numerous international organizations also at the scene

Preorano groblje / Spomenici

An investigation is currently being carried out at the cemetery in the Mikronaselje settlement in North Mitrovica by order of the prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office in Mitrovica.

The Kosovo Police Deputy Commander of the region north, Veton Elshani, confirmed for KoSSev that an investigation is being carried out by the Forensic Medicine Department from Pristina, while numerous international organizations are also present on the scene.

EULEX, KFOR, and UN Habitat are some of the organizations that are present at the site.

The investigation is being carried out by investigators, anthropologists, pathologists and forensic experts of the Forensic Medicine Department from Pristina.

„The investigation is being carried out by order of the prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office in Mitrovica. In addition to this site, the investigation will be carried out in other places, as per the information that the remains found here were transferred there,“ said Elshani.

In the meantime, investigators and a forensic unit team also started an investigation near the Ibar River, at a wild landfill site, where rubble was dumped, which is believed to be part of the soil taken from the old cemetery.

Members of the Church Committee had previously found human bones there. The cemetery in question is considerably old, with the last burial taking place in 1953.

According to preliminary estimates, some tombstones in the cemetery could be several hundred years old.

Within a project of the Kosovo government for the restoration and reconstruction of burnt and abandoned Albanian-owned houses in the north of Kosovo, the construction of a road leading to one of them passed right through this cemetery.

On October 24, heavy machinery began to prepare the terrain, damaging and destroying several of these old tombstones.

The graves were dug up to such an extent that human bones were scattered around the site.

Some of these human bones were found in the rubble, which the construction company was throwing out next to the Ibar River, near the Vojni Remont site.

Several criminal charges were filed in connection with the case, and the works were suspended.

Criminal charges were first filed by residents, and then by the Church Board of Kosovska Mitrovica.

The works were stopped immediately after the first charge was submitted. The municipality of North Mitrovica said that it was most likely a mistake made by the Kosovo Ministry of Infrastructure.

On the other hand, the Kosovo government explained that they were not involved in any decision-making that led to the desecration and destruction of this cemetery, noting that they are only responsible for financing the costs of construction and renovation of houses within the Subsidy for the construction and renovation of houses of non-majority communities.

They also added that it does not include other infrastructure projects. The police previously launched an investigation, questioned one individual and opened a case of „damage to cemeteries and corpses“.

The Eparchy of Raska-Prizren strongly condemned it, saying that it was deeply shocked by the news of yet another desecration of an Orthodox cemetery.

The approximately 30 acres of land actually belong to the Serbian Orthodox Church, and according to our knowledge, it is registered in both the Kosovo and Serbian systems.

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