Works on the road through the old cemetery suspended, the police opened an investigation; Atiq: Error on the part of the Ministry of Infrastructure

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Work on the road planned to be constructed through the now dug-up old Orthodox cemetery has been suspended, it was confirmed for KoSSev.

The Kosovo authorities are building a road leading to burned and abandoned Albanian-owned houses, the reconstruction of which was recently launched as part of the announced program for the return of Albanians to the Brdjani and Mikronaselje settlements in North Mitrovica. However, the road passes through the now plowed-over old town cemetery – and the tombstones located there could be several hundred years old. The plot belongs to the SOC. The church is set to raise the issue of protection in the coming days.

As we confirmed yesterday on the spot, the road is being built near the church of St. Dimitrije, and we also found three workers, as well as heavy machinery, that is, two trucks and an excavator, on the site.

They removed the vegetation with trucks and excavators and cleared the path to the damaged houses.

Ethnic Albanian workers confirmed for KoSSev yesterday that a road is being built there.

Given that the road was planned to be built through the old cemetery, which we reported about yesterday, the works have been suspended, as we witnessed during today’s tour of this place.

The decision to suspend the works was confirmed today by the cabinet of the mayor of North Mitrovica.

Mayor Erden Atiq told KoSSev that they were informed about this case last night, stressing that it was a mistake on the part of the Kosovo Ministry of Infrastructure, as well as the companies that won the tenders.

He added that they ordered the immediate suspension of these works  this morning.

„We, as a municipality and our inspection directorate, immediately stopped all work at around 10:30 this morning and we are waiting for information about where they worked and whether they violated the law, and we will see during the day whether we can solve all the problems that this company caused,“ he said.

The decision to suspend these works was confirmed by his deputy, Katarina Adjančić, who said that the contractors would be prosecuted.

„The director of the inspection service and the municipal inspector made a report, put up tape, and suspended the works until further notice. The contractor did not tell us that he would perform some work and he will be prosecuted according to the law,“ Adjančić told KoSSev.

At the same time, she says that, before the announcement, as well as the launch of the works themselves, a construction notice board had to be put up.

„The project within the Ministry of Infrastructure to construct 20 houses, and no one told or asked the municipality. The municipality is taken aback by this situation,“ said Adjančić.

At the same time, the confirmation of the suspension of works also came from the North Mitrovica Municipal Assembly, that is, the chairman of this body, Nedžad Ugljanin, who, as he had announced, visited the site this morning.

„The works have been stopped and we have information that a criminal complaint has been filed by the citizens. The deputy mayor immediately informed the inspection department, and the inspectors then came out to the site, stopped the works, and put up tape,“ said Ugljanin for KoSSev.

The works, he added, were suspended at the initiative of the municipality of North Mitrovica.

„The director of the inspection department stopped the works and now we await the further procedure to find out who the contractor is,“ said Ugljanin.

He emphasized once again that the municipality of North Mitrovica has nothing to do with these works.

„It went through the Ministry of Infrastructure and they chose the contractors of these works and the municipality has absolutely nothing to do with it,“ said Ugljanin.

In the meantime, the Kosovo police confirmed that the works have been suspended, saying that an investigation has been opened related to the damage done to the cemetery.

The deputy commander of the KP for the region north, Veton Elshani, told KoSSev that the police were informed about this case only after KoSSev journalists called and asked for information about this case.

„This morning, some citizens also came to report, but we have already sent teams to the field and this example shows how important it is for citizens to inform the police promptly about all phenomena that they consider to be illegal,“ Elshani told KoSSev.

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