The KM Church Committee files a criminal complaint over the destruction of the old cemetery

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The president of the town Church Committee from North Mitrovica, Neško Milanović, filed a criminal complaint with the Kosovo Police today against an unknown person, over the desecration of the old town cemetery, he confirmed for KoSSev.

The Kosovo authorities started building a road leading to burned and abandoned Albanian-owned houses earlier this month, the reconstruction of which was recently launched as part of a program that was announced for the return of Albanians to the Brdjani and Mikronaselje settlements in North Mitrovica.

In Mikronaselje, the road to these houses leads through the now dug-up old town cemetery, where tombstones that could be several hundred years old are situated. The section of the site where the heavy machinery was situated has already caused considerable damage.

Several tombstones were destroyed and damaged, and graves were dug up to such an extent that human bones were also excavated.

The cemetery in question is considerably old, with the last burial taking place place in 1953.

According to preliminary estimates, some tombstones in the cemetery could be several hundred years old.

Part of the human bones were found by members of the town Church Committee in the rubble, which the construction company was throwing out next to the Ibar River and near the Vojni Remont site.

The criminal complaint was filed after the reaction of the Eparchy of Raska-Prizren, which said yesterday that it was shocked by the news of the desecration of the Orthodox cemetery.

Previously, a criminal complaint for desecration was filed by a group of citizens, led by the former president of the Kosovo Court of Appeal in Mitrovica, Nikola Kabašić.

After raising the issue in public, as well as with the Kosovo institutions, the works were suspended yesterday. The police launched an investigation, questioned one individual and opened a case of „damage to cemeteries and corpses“.

The Municipality of North Mitrovica says that it was most likely a mistake made by the Kosovo Ministry of Infrastructure, and that this local self-government was not informed of the works.

However, the Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government announced late last night that the government in Pristina is not carrying out these works.

In their statement, they referred to the allegations of Srpska Lista, denying them, although several officials in the municipality of North Mitrovica told KoSSev that it was a mistake by the Kosovo Ministry of Infrastructure.

In view of the conflicting claims, KoSSev reached out to the Kosovo government for answers as to who decided to start building the road, who is carrying out the works, and what is the role of the Kosovo government.

Considering the late hour of our conversation with the spokesperson of the Government of Kosovo, Perparim Kryeziu, he apologized and promised to answer our questions. Just before this news was published, he told us that he was still checking and obtaining answers.

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