The first quarter: Kosovo unemployment rate over 26%, inactive labor force almost 61%

According to the latest data from the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, the unemployment rate in Kosovo, in the first quarter of this year, was 26.5 percent.

Unemployment was more pronounced among females – 28.7 percent, compared to males, 25.9 percent. However, the inactive labor force was high, at 60.8 percent, with a focus on females – 83.4 percent, compared to males – 38.6 percent.

The most pronounced unemployment rate was in the age group of 15-24 years old at 54 percent. On the other hand, the employment rate was 28.8 percent, higher among males (45.5%), while female employment was just 11.8 percent.

According to statistics, the estimated population for 2017, on which the employment statistics were based – amounted to 1,793,467 residents, 908,798 men, and 884,669 women.

Females, with 51.2 percent, are mainly employed in the education, trade and health sectors. Whereas males, with 42.4 percent, are mainly employed in the trade, construction and manufacturing sector.

Economic sectors with the highest employment rate are trade, 17.2%; construction, 11.7%; education, 11.5%, and manufacturing, 10.1%. Other sectors participate with lower employment rates.

As for contracted employees, 18.9% of employed persons have permanent contracts in their main job, while 81.1% have a temporary contract.

The survey included 598 enumeration areas throughout the territory of Kosovo, where 3,531 households were surveyed, selected according to a random method from the Population and Housing Census of 2011. Households selected for the survey, besides the main survey, were re-surveyed three times during reference period, as the Kosovo Agency of Statistics explained the methodology of the report. The residents of north Kosovo did not participate in this census.



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