Thaci also announces a referendum, citizens to vote on „Presevo Valley“ joining Kosovo

Kosovski predsednik Hašim Tači
Kosovski predsednik Hašim Tači

After several messages on the „correction of borders“ between Serbia and Kosovo and the „joining“ of Medvedja, Bujanovac and Presevo to Kosovo – Kosovo President Hashim Thaci announced a referendum on this issue yesterday.

From official Belgrade so far only the head of Serbian diplomacy Ivica Dacic reacted to Thaci’s proposal. “No way, Jose,” Dacic said.

Thaci’s idea, on the other hand, is opposed in Pristina by his coalition partners, including the Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj.

„The borders were set in the war and only a war will change them. All Albanians would like to join Presevo to Kosovo, but you know that the borders are set by joining NATO, 10,000 people have died because of these borders, you cannot play with the borders,“ Haradinaj said yesterday, as Pristina-based RTK2 reported.

The Kosovo President reiterated that he proposed a „peaceful correction of the border“, which is in „Kosovo’s interest“, and that „the opponents of this proposal propagate the partition and exchange of territories“.

„In such a situation, there really is nothing left but to empower the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo to make the decisions, which enables them to decide who is right, and which option is in Kosovo’s interest. Therefore, it is imperative to allow our citizens the right to a referendum, the realization of which I am working on,“ he posted on his Facebook profile.

Thaci once again ruled out the possibility of the partition and exchange of territories. He once more did not explain what the border correction entails specifically.

The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, announced yesterday the possibility of a referendum. Unlike Thaci, in the midst of speculation about partition as a solution and after the latest tensions in relation to the situation in Kosovo, he did not unveil his proposal. He did not confirm whether he is, as a possible solution, advocating partition.

The head of Serbian diplomacy Ivica Dacic reiterated yesterday that partition is the best solution, while the Minister of Defense, Aleksandar Vulin, previously claimed the same for “demarcation”.

However, those who opposed the partition – opposition representatives from Kosovo, as well as church representatives, were criticized by the highest Serbian officials, including the President.

The civil sector in Serbia and Kosovo also opposed the partition in a letter to the High Representative Federica Mogherini. Vucic said yesterday that he cannot comment on this letter, adding that while he respects those who signed it, he respects more those who did not.

The letter was also criticized by Jelena Milic, whose organization advocates for Serbia’s entry into NATO. Her organization had previously proposed a „correction of the administrative line“ along the line of the current four municipalities in the North, „without any idea on the exchange of territories“ with the Albanian population in the south of Serbia.



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