Svecla and Srpska Lista welcome the unearthing of a cannabis farm in the North

The largest Kosovo Serb party Srpska Lista welcomed the operation carried out by the Kosovo Police and Customs in Banjska today, during which the police unearthed another cannabis farm in the north. The Kosovo Minister of Internal Affairs, Xhelal Svecla, congratulated the police and presented the details of the operation, confirming that the police were shot at during the action. Svecla also said that Kosovo is increasingly reducing crime with each day.

„We will ceaselessly fight against crime in our Republic,“ Svecla said.

„Near the border with Serbia, in the village of Izvore, in the north of Kosovo, the police discovered a marijuana growing farm with over 10,000 cannabis plants ready for illegal sale on the market. During this action, police officers and customs officers were shot at, but the action was continued successfully, with no injuries or material damage. It is the result of great determination, and with each day our country is reducing crime. I congratulate the Kosovo Police and Customs,“ he wrote in a statement.

Srpska Lista also welcomed the action of the police from the region north, which was carried out today with the aim of „combating drug-related crime, thus primarily protecting our youth and our children from this plague that is wrecking every society,“ this party underlined.

SL furthermore claimed that the action proved that the police officers of the region north have the ability and capacity to fight crime.

„We are using the opportunity to emphasize that in the name of SL and our people, we condemn such criminal actions of individuals. We give full support to the police of the region north to continue with such actions and prevent individuals from criminalizing the entire north, the home of honest people, with their criminal activities.“

„We want to make it clear that whenever the police carry out professional actions like this, they will always have the support of SL and our citizens,“ they emphasized.

The Directorate of the Kosovo Police of the region north in cooperation with the Kosovo Customs unearthed a cannabis growing laboratory today in the village of Izvore near Banjska.

The laboratory, used for „unauthorized production of narcotics, psychoactive or analogous substances“ was discovered during an inspection of a facility in this village in the Zvecan municipality, the Directorate of the Kosovo Police of the region north said in a statement.

While addressing the alleged shooting, unlike Svecla, they only confirmed that gunshots were heard during the action and that they found several shell casings.

There are no confirmed details concerning the owner of this cannabis farm.

The village of Izvore is located on the road Banjska – Novi Pazar. As per the Brussels Agreement, the third integrated crossing to the north of Kosovo was planned to be installed on a section of this road.

This is the third illicit laboratory site discovered in the north since the beginning of the year. Previously, similar drug laboratories were found in North Mitrovica and Zvecan.

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