„STR Ivan“ store in North Mitrovica stoned

Kamenovanje STR IVan

Unidentified persons stoned the „STR Ivan“ store located in Kralj Petar I Street in North Mitrovica late last night, the store owner, Ivan Miletic confirmed for KoSSev.

This shop is protected by the local Soko security firm and is under video surveillance.

According to Miletic, the security firm told him that the stoning had taken place around 3am and that two men wearing hoods stoned the entrance of this store.

„People informed me this morning that my shop had been wrecked and when I came to the scene I saw five stones, two were inside, three outside,“ he added.

Miletic said that the glass on the door was broken, but that nothing was stolen from the store.

„If it’s politically motived, God forbid, it started the same with Oliver.“

He revealed that he does not know why and who would want to stone his store.

„I have never wronged anyone and there is not a single person, not only in Mitrovica, but in the world, who could take advantage of this situation in this way because I have quarreled, wronged or remained in debt to someone,“ Miletic claimed.

However, he did not exclude the possibility that the stoning was connected with his political views.

It’s not a small thing. It’s not harmless at all. Because if it is politically motivated, God forbid, it started the same with Oliver and some other people who do not agree with this situation in Mitrovica

„The safety and security of my family are at stake. Apart from my views on the current political situation that I share on social networks, I have no problems with other people. I don’t know if that’s why this happened, but it is possible,“ he added.

Miletic expressed hope that the authorities will be able to find the perpetrators and resolve the case.

He said that the police came to the scene around 7am and that they had already examined the scene.

The KoSSev portal journalist unsuccessfully tried to contact the police of the region north to get a confirmation of the case.

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