Srpska Lista will attend assembly session but it will not support the new government

Srpska Lista MPs will attend the Kosovo Assembly session to vote for the new government tomorrow, but they will not support it, the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric and the SL chief, Goran Rakic ​​announced in Belgrade today.

„Bearing in mind the fact that the Pristina institutions have failed the rights of the Serb people, the Serb representatives have made a decision not to vote to support the formation of the future government,“ Djuric conveyed one of the decisions reached during today’s meeting between Belgrade officials and Srpska Lista representatives.

„Srpska Lista will not be voting,“ he stressed, adding that this party will continue to carry out its mandate.

„(…) to represent the Serbs and all those who supported Srpska Lista in Kosovo, with the aim of fighting vigorously at every step for the protection of Serb interests, to prevent the appropriation of property, the trampling down on security and human rights and the appropriation of shrines,“ he said.

When asked who (from the Kosovo Serb community) will serve as ministers in the new government, Djuric replied that this matter “should be set aside for now.”

„Let’s see if Albin Kurti is ready to hear Srpska Lista’s demands. They (Srpska Lista) will not support that government until the relationship changes,“ he added.

The head of the Kosovo Office, however, also emphasized that SL would not leave positions in the government or anywhere else to „puppets of Albanian separatists.“

Djuric recalled Serbia’s plan for Kosovo titled “2020-2025”, under which a total of 340 support projects for Kosovo Serbs should be implemented. He added that the project has been expanded with an additional 150 million EUR, and that it was agreed at today’s meeting. He recalled that in the past four years, a total of 1,700 houses and flats had been built in Kosovo, and that a total of 4,700 more housing units would be built by 2025.

Rakic: MPs will be in the assembly but they will not support the government

Speaking about the coalition agreement LVV and LDK leaders – Albin Kurti and Isa Mustafa, signed this morning, Rakic ​​revealed that he learned this news through the media.

Rakic ​​stressed that Serbian officials stand by Srpska Lista’s decision to “not support the creation of the new Kosovo government.”

„We have always consulted and will always consult with Belgrade, because we only have confidence in Belgrade,“ he told Pristina officials, as he described it – „clearly and loudly.“

„Last time you supported the government of Ramush Haradinaj, what is different now?“

When N1 journalist asked what is different now compared to the last time when Srpska Lista supported the government of Ramush Haradinaj, Rakic replied:

„Last time we supported the government and we were part of a coalition in the hope that this coalition or the leading Albanian politicians would fulfill our conditions – better life for the Serb people, cessation of repression, the security of Serbs in Kosovo.“

The SL chief reiterated that they would continue to make decisions in agreement with Belgrade because they „only trust Belgrade“.

Likewise, Djuric confirmed today that one of the conclusions of today’s meeting is that Kosovo Serb representatives will make decisions jointly with Belgrade.

Brnabic: The establishment of the air route is influenced by taxes

Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic recalled the recently signed agreement on the establishment of the Belgrade-Pristina air route, pointing out that its launch is influenced by the taxes.

„If you look at it practically, who will travel if not the entrepreneurs? Serbia is losing one million euros a day or our entrepreneurs are. Taxes are a realistic condition for any truly serious cooperation“ Brnabic underlined.

She also said that Serbia „made concessions despite the taxes,“ recalling the signing of a regional roaming agreement.

„There will be no serious discussions before the taxes are abolished,“ Brnabic concluded.

Speaking about the Belgrade-Pristina railway line, the Serbian Prime Minister expressed hope for rapid progress, adding that construction of the Nis-Pristina highway will begin this year.

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