Srpska Lista: „We returned briefly to insert cards and to prevent them from taking away our parliamentary mandates on procedural grounds“

Srpska lista
Srpska lista

After a month-long boycott of the Kosovo assembly, Srpska Lista MPs attended an extraordinary session today during which resolutions on the suspension of casino activities and games of chance and amendments to the relevant law were adopted. According to Srpska Lista, they attended the session „in order to insert cards and prevent them from taking away their parliamentary mandates on procedural grounds.“

„Our deputies thus fulfilled their formal obligation of not being absent from parliamentary sessions for more than six months,“ Srpska Lista wrote in a statement.

According to the largest Kosovo Serb party, the formal obligation is important to them, but they do not care about their parliamentary mandates, however, they fear that their mandates could be forfeited to „private Serbs“, as was the case with the ministerial functions.

Who are „Private Serbs“?

Srpska Lista had 20 candidates during the extraordinary parliamentary elections held in 2017. In case of termination of the mandate of their party colleagues, the remaining 11 Srpska Lista candidates for the MPs in the Kosovo Assembly would be given the mandate – in the order of the highest number of votes received after the deputies whose mandates were terminated. In addition to the number of votes, another condition is that the new MPs must be the same gender as those who have lost their mandate, which is in line with Article 112 of the Kosovo Law on General Elections.

„We emphasize that we do not care about the parliamentary mandates themselves, but that, as bearers of the democratically expressed will of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija, we are obliged to prevent Hashim Thaci’s and Ramush Haradinaj’s private Serbs from being given our seats“ – the coalition partner of the government led by Ramush Haradinaj stated.

They claimed that they, with the latest verification of their parliamentary mandates, „prevented“ the repeated appointment of unknown persons with „no political weight and a stronghold in the Serbian electorate“ to ministerial posts.

However, the same rules which apply to appointed functions do not apply to elected functions. Srpska Lista won nine mandates in the last parliamentary elections as a political party and no other party can take over those mandates until the dissolution of the assembly.





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