Srpska Lista and Djuric confirmed: A street in North Mitrovica will be named after Oliver Ivanovic

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It seems as though it will be done not at the request of the murdered Oliver Ivanovic’s party – GI SDP, but based on a proposal of Srpska Lista itself: „Oliver Ivanovic and all innocent victims of our municipality will have a street named after them in North Mitrovica following a proposal of the parliamentary group Srpska Lista to the Municipal Assembly of North Mitrovica“. The head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric, reacted almost simultaneously with Srpska Lista, confirming that Oliver Ivanovic will have a street in North Mitrovica named after him, „as per his credits“.

Both Djuric and Srpska Lista claim there had been fake news reported on the issue following yesterday’s municipal session. Djuric accused local media of spreading „fake news under political and tycoon influence, with clear political motives“ and for „exploiting the tragedy of one family and our people in Kosovo and Metohija“. Srpska Lista says there was an attempt to „politicize and falsely present yesterday’s session and Assembly decisions to the citizens“.

Neither of them named the particular blamed sources.

Djuric: False information reported by the local media under political and tycoon influence, with clear political motives

The head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric, stated in his news release:

„Oliver Ivanovic will have a street in North Mitrovica named after him, as he deserves.

The information that was tendentiously reported by certain media that Oliver Ivanovic will not have a street in North Mitrovica named after him is false and incorrect.

This fake information was reported by local media under political and tycoon influence and with clear political motives.

It is unfortunate that some circles still do not hesitate to exploit the tragedy of one family and our people in Kosovo and Metohija.“

„For the sake of the defense of the truth, it is their duty“ to announce the following:

„At yesterday’s regular session, the Assembly did not in any way reject the proposal to name a street after the tragically murdered Oliver Ivanovic because this had not even been discussed,“ the statement said.

„We add that this proposal is still in the process along with several other proposals of other assembly members in honor of tragically murdered citizens of our municipality. This topic will be a discussion point at the next municipal session,“ the Srpska Lista statement reads.

What happened at yesterday’s session?

During the 7th regular session, MA North Mitrovica dismissed the petition submitted to the Assembly by the GI SDP in May on the naming of a street after the murdered Oliver Ivanovic, on the grounds that the petition was not in accordance with the Municipal Statute.

This conclusion was reached by a three-member commission formed to analyze for the submitted petition over 15 days. The commission, in a signed document (the document was published on the KoSSev website), established „the existence of a reasonable doubt of the regularity of the collected signatures“, then made the proposal to dismiss the petition „because it is not in accordance with the Municipal Statute of North Mitrovica“.

Twelve assembly members voted in favor of the motion to reject the petition, while two members were against it – Oliver Ivanovic’s colleagues – Ksenija Bozovic and Marko Jaksic. Two Albanian assembly members abstained from vote. In addition to reporting from the conference and published documents, KoSSev also provided an audio recording of the moment when the vote against the petition took place.

Yesterday’s assembly debate was mostly marked by the polemics of the two members of Ivanovic’s party on one side against the MA chairman and a member of the commission, Dejan Guresic, once a close ally of the late Oliver Ivanovic, on the other. They initially protested that their party’s initiative for the street appointment failed to be listed in the official agenda of topics for discussion for the fourth time. Then the discussion developed further into the petition itself and the findings of the Commission.

During the previous 6th regular session in May it was agreed to list the issue on the official agenda for the next meeting. As this failed to be done, the point was introduced yesterday as a supplementary item on the agenda following GI SDP’s request, which resulted in the a 2-hour discussion on the validity of the petition, i.e. the 3-member commission findings that ended in a final vote against it.

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