Patriarch Irinej supports Vucic: Kosovo Army directed against Kosovo Serbs

Foto: SPC

The announcement of the Serbian Orthodox Church from Belgrade was originally translated from Serbian

In these days when we are preparing to celebrate the birth of Christ, the holiday of love and peace, wishing peace and goodness for all people, with great distress, we received news that the enemies of peace, again and by harshly violating the international law, made the decision to form the army of the Kosovo Albanians.

The Serbian Orthodox Church has no doubt that this army is exclusively directed against the Serbian people who boldly practice their faith in Kosovo and Metohija and are proud of the Serbian name. We also know that the formation of this army is also directed against the ancient Serbian Orthodox sanctities in Kosovo and Metohija, which the enemies of the Church of God intend to destroy or, at least, take away.

We also know that this new lawlessness would not even cross the minds of the Albanians if they did not have a clear incentive from the United States and other Western powers, guided by their own selfish interests, which ultimately are contrary to the interests of Serbs and Albanians.

For this reason and because of the good of both nations, the Serbian Orthodox Church is unrelentingly praying and advocating for peace and peaceful coexistence with Kosovo Albanians, which, without any doubt, would be possible and achievable if the peace agreements would only be conducted by Serbs and Albanians.

The Serbian Orthodox Church supports the responsible attitude of the highest state bodies of the Republic of Serbia, which, while preserving peace and stability, endeavor to preserve the Serbian people, but also to save the Albanian people from temptation and suffering.

The Serbian Orthodox Church fully supports the decision of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, that the Republic of Serbia protects the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija – if they are attacked. Such a guarantee strongly strengthens our nation and gives it the strength to persevere despite the pressures it is exposed to on a daily basis.

We call upon the faithful people of the Serbian Orthodox Church and all citizens of the Republic of Serbia, and especially political representatives, to be responsible and united and to support the efforts of the state of Serbia to preserve peace and ensure the survival of the Serbian Orthodox people in Kosovo and Metohija.

The Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church Irinej




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