Serb politicians from Kosovo defend Milan Radoicic in the Serbian Parliament

Milan Radoičić
Foto: Srđan Ilić

Translation provided by KoSSev

The report on the work of the Kosovo Office was adopted by the competent parliamentary committee. In addition to the report on the work of the Office and the development of negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina, the US sanctions list was also discussed. Politicians from Kosovo expressly defended the vice president of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic, who was also added to the list.

The session of the committee for Kosovo and Metohija began with the presentation of the activities of the office in the outgoing year. Approximately €100 were allocated for 2021.

„A total of 7,802,942,000 dinars were invested from the funds of the budget of the Republic of Serbia, as of November 30th, 2021, i.e. 65%, since it’s still December,“ said Igor Popovic, assistant director of the Kosovo Office.

It was followed by a report on the dialogue in Brussels.

Belgrade and Pristina held a total of nine meetings this year. Two of the meetings were held at high political level, 4 at the expert level, and 3 working group meetings. According to the Kosovo Office, the dialogue is hindered by the fact that Pristina refuses to discuss technical issues.

„We are now dealing with the authorities in Pristina who intend to obstruct the next referendum on January 16th, 2022, whether directly or indirectly. Perhaps even through unilateral actions of dispatching ROSU to the north of Kosovo,“ said Miloje Zdravkovic, acting Director of the Office for the Coordination of Affairs in the Process Negotiation with the PISG in Pristina.

The committee also addressed the sanctions list of the US Department of the Treasury. Recently, 16 individuals and 24 entities were added to this list. Politicians from Kosovo stressed that the vice president of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic, was unwarrantedly included on the list. According to them, the goal was to remove Radoicic from the political life of Kosovo Serbs.

„…and to permanently expel him from Kosovo. I think that their ultimate goal is to attack our state and our President Aleksandar Vucic,“ said Vucina Jankovic, the head of the North Mitrovica administrative district.

„For those who are worth the most down there and who can collect the most votes… what Milan Radoicic can collect while having a cup of coffee in Kosovska Mitrovica, Djilas cannot with half of Serbia, at the biggest possible rally,“ said Danijela Vujicic, MP of the Serbian Progressive Parties in the Serbian Parliament.

„They see Serbian unity in Milan Radoicic. As we had the opportunity to see in the penultimate attack of special forces in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, as President Vucic said, they saw Milan Radoicic behind every tree,“ said Ljubomir Maric, MP of the Serbian Progressive Party in the Serbian Parliament.

The parliamentary committee adopted the report of the Kosovo Office. The chairman of this committee expressed concern over the possible destabilization of the situation in Kosovo and called for synchronized state action at an international level.




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