Radovic denies claims of an armed attack and Radoicic’s alleged involvement


Two nights ago, unknown perpetrators damaged the car of a former member of the Kosovo Police, Slavisa Djilet Radovic. At the time of the attack, Radovic was on his way to North Mitrovica from the direction of Suvi Dol. He alleged that it was a stone-throwing attack while denying social media posts and media reports claiming that he purportedly accused Milan Radoicic of standing behind the attack.

The incident took place on January 2nd, around 8:00 p.m., near the bridge in the vicinity of Suvi Dol, while Radovic was driving by several bars in his Fiat Stilo multi wagon.

At the time of the attack, in addition to Radovic, another male passenger was in the car. The attack came from the passenger side, and the windows on that side sustained material damage.

Since then, allegations that an armed attack was carried out on this vehicle, purportedly by a group of Albanians, rapidly spread on social networks. Some media outlets even reported the same claims.

However, the former police officer and firearms instructor, Radovic told KoSSev today that he assumes it was actually a close-range stone-throwing attack.

„If shots had been fired, considering the proximity of the place the attack was carried out, trust me when I say that only a child would have missed us. We would have been hit for sure. That’s why I don’t think it’s a weapon,“ Radovic said today.

He did not want to name the man who was with him that evening, in order to protect him from publicity.

„I don’t need publicity either, especially not at this moment, although I don’t run away from difficult situations. But I cannot claim something that is not true,“ Radovic stressed.

Although a former police officer, Radovic did not file a report with the police. He told KoSSev that he shares the fear of a possible arrest with the rest of his colleagues.

„You see what’s happening, how people are being arrested. Well, I don’t need that,“ he points out.

As the news and speculations about the attack ran rampant, Radovic himself confirmed today that claims that he allegedly accused the vice-president of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic, of standing behind this attack, were shared on social media and by some media outlets.

Some Albanian portals and Facebook pages – which Radovic forwarded to KoSSev – wrote that he allegedly placed the blame for the attack on Milan Radoicic. These portals referred to Radovic’s alleged social network post.

This was one of the reasons he contacted our editorial office – in order to deny such claims and headlines.

„I cannot say something that is not true. That is simply not true, I never accused Radoicic of this,“ said Radovic.

KoSSev reached out to the Kosovo Police in connection with this case. The police, however, confirmed that no report about such an attack had been filed.

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