Radomir Laban appointed a judge in the Constitutional Court

Radomir Laban, osuđivano lice u bekstvu, polaže zakletvu kod Tačija
Radomir Laban, a convicted person on the run, swearing an oath in front of Thaci

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci has appointed new judges to the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, including Radomir Laban. These judges have sworn an oath in front of Thaci today.

In addition to Laban, other judges also appointed were: Bajram Latifi, Safet Goxha, Remzije Istrefi-Peci and Nexhmi Rexhepi.

Their appointment followed the proposed recommendations of the Kosovo Assembly from the 18th May and the 6th July. The judges were elected by secret ballot.

In November last year, Serbia contacted EULEX and requested Radomir Laban’s arrest. As a member of the so-called “custom’s mafia”, in 2011, a person under the name of Radomir Laban was sentenced to six years in prison by a Serbian court, for accepting bribes, while the amount of time he spent in custody, two years and four months, was included in his sentencing. As several media have reported, it was believed that he had been in Kosovo for the last several years, on the run from the Serbian authorities.

The newly elected judge of the Constitutional Court of “the Republic of Kosovo”, Radomir Laban, was recommended to become a judge by Srpska Lista.

„I want to say that as a parliamentary group, that is, as the Serbian and political representatives here in the Assembly, we want to recommend and support a candidate today who has great legal experience, with a professional reputation in the field of public and constitutional law. A candidate who has high moral qualities and integrity, of course. So, it is a candidate who almost had the highest number of votes in the open competition – Mr. Radomir Laban. Therefore, I invite the larger communities, that is, members of the minority community to support the proposal, and, of course, I invite all the other MPs to support it today in a full parliamentary session the recommendation that Mr. Radomir Laban is appointed as the new judge of the Constitutional Court. Thank you very much! „- this is how Srpska Lista MP Slavko Simic requested his colleagues, at a session of the Kosovo Assembly, to vote for a man who, according to the information that had been leaked to the public, is on INTERPOL’s wanted list at Serbia’s request.



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