Posters calling for a boycott of Serb goods put up in both North and South Mitrovica

bojkot srpskih proizvoda

On the same day one of the two new barricades was set up at the entrance to Bosniak Mahala from downtown North Mitrovica, posters calling for the boycott of Serbian products were put up all over this multiethnic settlement.

Posters with the inscription „BOYCOTT OF SERBIAN PRODUCTS“ written in Albanian were put up along Oslobodjenja street, i.e. the main street in this settlement. Posters are mostly visible on lamp posts in that street.

Several of these posters can be seen on the main Ibar bridge in Mitrovica.

This campaign is much more noticeable, however, on the bridge that directly connects Bosniak Mahala with South Mitrovica.

Posters are also visible at the supermarkets in the southern part of the city near this bridge, which are often frequented by Serbs and where Serbian products are also sold.

A large number of members of the Kosovo Police from the Albanian community and other areas have been stationed in these streets for more than two weeks now after local Serbs quit their jobs in the police.

The number of police patrols in these areas increases during the night.

The Bosniak Mahala, together with the supermarkets in the southern part of the city across the bridge are well-known shopping areas, where many Serbs shop.

This is not the first call for a boycott of Serbian products in Kosovo.

Apart from individuals and certain Facebook groups, the Albin Kurti-led Self-Determination party – before it came to power – also called for a boycott of Serbian products through campaigns.

The last campaign that garnered plenty of public attention dates back to March of this year – when a Facebook group called „Don’t buy Serbian products“ published a video by the group „Besa Besë“. The video shows a young girl with her father in a supermarket, who reaches to grab a Serbian product from the shelf only to be reminded by his daughter of „war crimes“ committed by Serbs.

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