First barricades set up in North Mitrovica

barikade km

Two barricades were installed in North Mitrovica early this morning. One of the barricades is located in the city center, while the other is situated on the new bridge near the site known as Dudin Krs. These are the first barricades set up in North Mitrovica in the last 18 days.

The first barricade was placed at the entrance to Bosniak Mahala from the direction of the Technical Secondary School. It consists of several trucks loaded with stones and sand, which are blocking the road, namely Knjaza Milosa Street, which leads to the eastern bridge.

The street is completely blocked and only pedestrians can pass by the barricade.

As of this morning, traffic in the town is only possible on side roads.

The second barricade was set up on the new bridge near the site known as Dudin Krs, which leads to the main road Mitrovica – Raska.

It is also made up of several trucks loaded with sand. The trucks are fully blocking the bridge, so this section is also blocked for traffic.

Until now, North Mitrovica was the only one out of the four municipalities in the north without any barricades. However, during the previous days, additional forces of the Kosovo Police were deployed in the multiethnic parts of the town.

In the meantime, the Kosovo Police also confirmed that new barricades were set up in the north, namely, near the Technical Secondary School and Dudin Krs.

They once again indicated that the barricades were installed by „criminal persons/groups, thus further restricting freedom of movement“.

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