Poll: One year after the EU agreement, the majority of respondents say things have changed for the worse

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Exactly one year ago, Belgrade and Pristina, that is, Aleksandar Vučić and Albin Kurti, accepted the Agreement on the path towards the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia Brussels, at the proposal of the European Union, and the suggestion of France and Germany. Since then, the situation on the ground has been marked by the biggest crisis since 2004.

This agreement was supposed to resolve all open issues between Pristina and Belgrade, such as good neighborly relations, strict preservation of peace, resolution of disputes and conflicts exclusively by peaceful means, refraining from the threat or use of force, recognition of the symbols of Kosovo, diplomas, greater rights for Kosovo Serbs via the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities…

Instead, the past year will be remembered by new tensions, especially in the north of Kosovo: the April Serb-boycotted elections, the ethnic Albanian mayors taking office, the May conflict between Serbs and KFOR members due to the installation of new mayors into municipalities, the September armed conflict between Serbs and the Kosovo Police in the village of Banjska, and finally – the Central Bank of Kosovo regulation which removed the Serbian dinar from circulation. The Association of Serb-majority Municipalities still remained nowhere in sight.

The year started with the crisis on the ground and visibly strained relations between Belgrade and Pristina on the one hand, and on the other, international successes with the adoption of this agreement, resulting in conflicting stances in the public about whether the agreement is being implemented or not.

The poll we published on our social networks revealed that the majority of respondents felt changes „for the worse“ in the last year and believed that the agreement was being implemented.

Final poll results

Is the European Agreement on the path to the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia being implemented and do they feel changes on the ground in the last year? – we asked our readers in the form of two 24-hour polls on social networks. Almost 1,000 of them shared their opinion.

On the first question „Is the European Agreement being implemented?“ more than half of the Twitter users who took part in the poll – 52%, or 70 of users out of a total of 134 voters, replied affirmatively.

On the other hand, 29 individuals who answered the same question, or 22%, believe that it is not being implemented, and 35 people (26%) chose the „I don’t know“ option.

To our second question, „Do you feel changes on the ground in the last year“, the majority of the 58 users (namely, 32 users or 55%) who answered this question confirmed that they feel changes „for the worse“.

Only four respondents (7%) said that the feel changes for the better. On the other hand, only 22 users answered with „YES“ and „NO“ – 5 voted “yes” and 17 chose “no”.

In the past 24 hours, these same questions were also open for voting on our Instagram story, where as many as 747 of our readers expressed their views.

The majority of users of this social network believe that the agreement is being implemented, 154 (41%) of them out of a total of 367 voters.

Only 10 fewer believe that it is not implemented – 144 users or 40%, and as many as 69 answered that they do not know.

The changes on the ground in the last year are felt by a considerable majority of respondents on this social network, but the vast majority say they are „for the worse“.

As many as 230 users out of a total of 380 who responded to our second poll chose this option.

A total of 11 of users or 3% feel changes for the better, while 58 voters (15%) replied affirmatively – that they do feel changes on the ground.

On the other hand, 81 of our followers, or 21% of the total number of respondents, do not feel any changes.

What did our Facebook followers say?

This topic, regardless of how important it may be, did not catch the attention of our ever-ready-for-comment readers on Facebook.

We asked them do they felt changes on the ground in the last year, since the adoption of the European proposal (French-German plan)?

The post garnered only 20 comments, including short discussions among readers themselves.

They revealed that they feel the changes, „and big ones at that.“ “Since 1999, there haven’t been this many changes,“ one user wrote.

„Of course, everything is getting worse and worse, and there are fewer and fewer Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija. Betrayal,” wrote another.

According to one of the readers, the main problem is that „it does not suit the politicians to solve problems“, and that doing so would be easy if it were up to the people themselves.

„There lies the main problem. People would easily come to an agreement.“

Some readers believe that everything that happened, including the violence and the current topic of dinars, was previously agreed upon.

„We have come to the point of negotiating the abolition of the dinar, but not today, but in two months. Everything that is allegedly violent has already been agreed upon. Now this is a show for the people. It will be a diplomatic victory, but there will be no dinars…“ one reader said.

Another user of this network, who responded to our post, commented: „They will come to an agreement, if they are smart.“

Answering our question, one of the users of Albanian ethnicity asked – „Why are the EU and America interfering in the Balkans?“.

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