Plazma biscuit in another campaign – this time of the US embassy in Belgrade

The US Embassy in Belgrade shared a video on Instagram showing two people swapping Serbian and American products.

The video shows two people taking “plazma” biscuits, a Serbian product, and Reese’s Cups, an American chocolate, from a store shelf.

They then swap packages, which contain sweets – biscuits and chocolate. The two then shake hands.

The video, along with the hashtag #SADznate (#NOWyouknow), also contains two messages: „Open market“ and „Open mind“.

At the very end of the short video, a shelf with a bottle of „Sante“ wine and a bottle of American whiskey „Jack Daniel’s“ is shown, behind which, as revealed when the actors grab these bottles, there is Serbian brandy with the logo of the US Embassy in Belgrade.


Прикажи ову објаву у апликацији Instagram


Објава коју дели Američka ambasada u Beogradu (@usembassyserbia)

The US embassy’s video was published just three days after a video creator Shqipdon Salijaj shared a video – in which the plazma biscuit also plays a prominent role – as part of a campaign to boycott Serbian products in Kosovo.

The video shows Salijaj buying Serbian products from the store, namely sweets and snacks from Serbia that have been popular for decades – chips, plazma biscuit, “medeno srce” and medela strudel.

Once he gets home, he opens one product after the other, but instead of candy and chips, the packages are filled with bullets.

In the background, scenes from the past are shown, baby’s cries and the voice of an old man reminding that they waged a war with the Serbs.

The soundtrack used in the video was actually taken from an older video – „We fought Serbs for 84 years, no sympathy for mothers, sisters, children, crops nor animals.”

The video is a continuation of a campaign for the boycott of Serbian products in Kosovo, which intensified on several occasions last year, primarily through social networks. At the beginning of last year, the Serbian and part of the regional public was disturbed by the video of the group Besa Besi. The video in question shows a girl in a store reminding her father who is reaching toward Serbian products about the crimes committed by the Serbs during the 1999 war.

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