Petkovic: A member of the people who had an SS division is comparing Serbia to Nazi Germany

It is ridiculous that a member of the people who had their own SS division „Skenderbeg,“ and the fascist militia Balli Kombetar, is comparing Serbia to Germany between the two wars, one whose national issue in World War II was resolved through the fascist concept of „Greater Albania“, to which Kurti remains blindly devoted to date – reads the head of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petkovic’s reaction to today’s text in the British daily The Telegraph.

„Kurti’s falsification of history is offensive to all victims of fascism and Nazism, who perished at the knives of Albanian chauvinists in World War II, and these victims were mostly Serbs,“ Petkovic stressed.

„Serbia is threatening third Balkan war,“ while Aleksandar Vucic is behaving like „Germany between the world wars“, as Vladimir Putin encourages him – reads a longer text on Kosovo published in The Telegraph, quoting Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti in an interview for this daily.

While presenting harsh accusations against the Serbian president, Kurti alleged that if the Western governments „do not take him seriously“, the crises in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina could escalate.

„Instead of giving him space for phantasmagorias and tirades against Serbia, it would be better for everyone to pay attention to Kurti’s behavior before he causes serious harm. The world must realize that Albin Kurti is a dangerous man, and his strange inner world is not only a phenomenon in itself but also a serious security threat,“ Petkovic alerted in his reaction to The Telegraph article.

After referring to Kurti as a „psychopath“ and a „madman“ back in September, Petkovic now used new words to describe the Kosovan Prime Minister:

„Ideological centaur Albin Kurti managed to reconcile his Marxist-Leninist past with the Greater Albania fascist programs of his ancestors. It is worrying that he received interview space in a reputable British political media.“

„However, Albanians in Kosovo are slowly grasping that Kurti is a specter of the past, which the results of the recent local elections also confirmed, but it seems that those in the West who promote him as a democrat and peacemaker still do not understand that, although all facts say otherwise.”

As long as we are in the sphere of historical parallels, Petkovic added, no one in the region resembles the „Nazi raiders“ from the interwar period more than the special units of the Kosovo Police, which „systematically work to intimidate and terrorize the bare-handed Serbian people in our southern province.“

It is preposterous that Kurti’s falsifying monologue was not met with any follow-up questions and that he was not presented with facts that he maliciously kept quiet about – Petkovic concluded.



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