Petar Miletic resigned as adviser in the cabinet of Kosovo PM

Petar Miletić
Foto: N1

An advisor in the cabinet of Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, Petar Miletic, tendered his resignation from this position in a letter he sent to the Prime Minister of Kosovo, as well as to some international reprentatives. Miletic himself also confirmed the news for KoSSev.

„I would like to be able to say that I am resigning, but that would be pretentious because I have nothing to resign from. Therefore, as of today, as I said in the introduction, I am not even formally an external political advisor to the Prime Minister of Kosovo,“ wrote Miletic in a letter addressed to the Prime Minister of Kosovo, in which he explained his decision.

Miletic revealed that earlier this year he realized that his role „will not be important, nor functional in terms of helping the Serbs in Kosovo“, as he was neither asked nor consulted prior to any decision made Prime Minister or the Government.

For Miletic, the biggest proof that the Kosovo government does not want cooperation with the Serbs was the non-appointment of the director of the Office for Communities in the prime minister’s office, despite the insistence of domestic and international actors, but also the reduction of the budget of that office from one million three hundred thousand to five hundred thousand euros.

He also added that, after realizing that nothing would come of his role in political issues, i.e. the Belgrade and Pristina dialogue, the implementation of the Ohrid Agreement, the crisis in the north of Kosovo, during this spring with his colleague Elizabeth Gowing and a group of Serbs from civil society identified about fifteen daily problems that could easily be solved.

If there was political will of the government, he stressed, most of the problems would be solved within a few days.

„According to my estimate, 90% of those problems could have been solved within a few days if there was the political will of the Government. Although colleague Gowing made a huge effort, none of that happened,“ he stressed.

He highlighted the fact that almost all funds from the Prime Minister’s office intended for communities went to Albanian NGOs.

„The peak of hypocrisy, insolence and arrogance,“ Miletic wrote in a letter to Kurti.

While underscoring that the Kosovo Prime Minister crossed a huge line in 2023 „from where there is no way back in relations with the Serbian community“ in Kosovo, Miletic also addressed the situation in the north:

„Your statements that you have a problem with Belgrade but not with the Kosovo Serbs are simply not correct, I’ll avoid using a harsher term. Deploying special forces to the north, arresting innocent people (some of whom I personally know to be innocent, one of whom was arrested yesterday is in a very severe health condition), and institutional violence against Serbs are not acts against Belgrade, but against your neighbors and citizens of Kosovo, and to make the matter worse, such anti-Serbian behavior spilled over into the streets and society, fortunately not the entire Kosovo society.“

„Unfortunately, you can no longer establish even a normal relationship with the Kosovo Serbs, and without the coexistence of Albanians and Serbs, there is no chance for the progress of Kosovo or the region.“

In the letter, Miletic emphasized that he did not reach this decision „under pressure from anyone“.

„On the contrary, apart from benign detentions on Merdare, I suffered no serious inconveniences from anyone,“ he emphasized.

Miletic held the position of political advisor in the office of the Prime Minister of Kosovo. He was appointed to that position almost exactly one year ago, on September 22, 2022.

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