Vucic: Passionate desire of Pristina to occupy the North

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic spoke yesterday about the „passionate desire“ of Pristina to „occupy the North“.

After visiting works on the reconstruction of the Emergency Centre of the Clinical Centre of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic commented on the information that the Kosovo Security Forces are equipping with additional tactical vehicles.

„These ‘Humvees’? People should not be scared,“ said the President of Serbia.

He also said that he sees that „the blood of some Albanian leaders has started racing and they immediately want to resolve something in a different way“.

Although he said, „people, leave the war behind… and we will fight for peace and to keep the peace“, he also emphasized that he is „always concerned over their passionate desire to occupy the North“.

„And when some say they do not need to occupy the north, I know what I’m talking about, as they know where 100 percent of Kosovo police Serb members are located, and that they did not occupy it before an Albanian boot stepped there. Therefore, it’s important to avoid conflict here. They can drive around in different vehicles all they want. After all, if you look at what we have, and what they have, it cannot be compared,“ said Vucic.

The President said he „did not want to talk about these topics at all“ because he wanted to „talk only about peace and stability“, but he also said:

“It is important, however, that you have a well-qualified country, a strong army, and a powerful police force because they always serve as a deterrent to all those dreaming dreams of war.”

Today’s presidential message on the North is just one among many. „Obsession with the North,“ „taking over,“ „occupation,“ Storm (Operation), the only thing that the Albanians are interested in is „their desire for occupation“ – these are some of the terms and words the President of Serbia has been using since the beginning of June.

Gazivode is a strategic matter

The President also spoke about energy.

„Recently, Pristina tried to block negotiations in Brussels on the topic of energy. If we know that they are doing everything in agreement with the international stakeholders, from this position, can we preserve Valac and Gazivode and how much(can we preserve them)?“ a TV Most journalist asked.

Gazivode is a strategic matter, Vucic replied.

„If I may I would like to refrain from responding any further, because I might endanger our position, but you know that Gazivode is a strategic matter,“ he said.

Although he said he would not respond any further, Vucic continued to comment:

„The only thing left on which Serbia and the Serbian state bodies in Kosovo are respected all over the world – is the electricity network and that Valac, in the north, of course, remains ours. We struggle and everything is not as hopeless as it seems. But people have to understand, what they were asking for is nonsense, of course. Encouraged by two Member States which are losing money here. I will not even speak about how they are stealing electricity and everything else that they are doing.“

He did not specify which two countries he was talking about.

He also said that the „principal part“ of the energy sector is that Serbian companies in Kosovo would have to be established by the Association of Serb Municipalities.

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