Pacolli: Before voting on the taxes, Hoxhaj lied to us that he secured the support of the US Embassy


Foto: KTV, caption

Any new Kosovo prime minister, except for Haradinaj, will abolish the taxes – Kosovo Foreign Minister, Behgjet Pacolli announced on the Rubicon show on KTV last night.

„I repeat, that the election winner, that the future prime minister who says he will not abolish the taxes – is lying. I can say, in the most humane way: It is a lie. I do not include Haradinaj in this, because I know that he is stubborn and when he fixates on something, you cannot change his mind. He doesn’t change his position,“ a representative of the AKR, NISMA and Justice Party coalition, Behgjet Pacolli told KTV last night.

He may break his promise, but he won’t give up on the taxes – Pacolli warned, adding that everyone else who supported the idea of taxes will not have the same attitude after the elections.

„There is an opinion that he cannot coexist with the taxes, but he can abolish them if he wants to think long term. Others, on the other hand, will abolish the taxes and pave the way for the dialogue. That is the reality that awaits us after the elections,” the Kosovo Foreign Minister said.

Pacolli also accused the outgoing Deputy Prime Minister, Enver Hoxhaj of tricking the members of the government when he said that he secured the support of the US Embassy to introduce the initial 10% tax increase on goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina – which was in force weeks before the 100% tariffs were imposed.

“At the session, I saw that it was on the agenda. I’m close to Mr. Hoxhaj. I asked him because he wanted to be privileged, pretending to be the one proposing the taxes. I said – Enver, please tell me what this is all about. Both the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Limaj paid close attention to my question. He told me – I did this with the Americans. I just came from the embassy, I talked to the Americans, this job is done, go ahead. We all voted, it was a good decision, because it was an opportunity to see Serbia’s behavior, and I was sure that it was discussed with the US embassy. It turned out, however, that it was false and that no one spoke with the US embassy,” Pacolli revealed.

A former Foreign Minister, Enver Hoxhaj also accused Pacolli of enabling „a Serbian and Russian campaign to withdraw Kosovo’s recognition“ with his „ignorance and lack of strategy“ during several public appearances.

According to Pacolli, the decision on the taxes was in effect only two months, after which Serbian goods entered the Kosovo market „in a different package“, alluding to media claims that Serbian goods were declared as Montenegrin or Macedonian.

Also, Pacolli criticized another decision of the government he was a part of. He said the vote on the Kosovo Army was rushed.

„I do not believe we have received approval from our international friends. I was not present during all talks conducted by the Prime Minister, but I think we should have waited for some other time. We should have worked on strengthening the KSF, if we wanted to buy something, we should have bought it for the KSF. I think it was rushed,“ he said.

While criticizing the government he was part of, Pacolli also singled out the LDK leader, Issa Mustafa, as the best Prime Minister Kosovo ever had.

„Like Haradinaj, Mustafa is a man of his word,“ Pacolli claimed.



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