Ordinal numbers of political entities in the upcoming elections announced

Lokalni vanredni izbori 2019
Foto: KoSSev

The Kosovo Central Election Commission (CEC) determined the ordinal numbers under which political entities will be represented on the ballot in the upcoming extraordinary parliamentary elections in Kosovo.

The four political entities that will be competing for the ten Kosovo parliamentary seats reserved for the Kosovo Serb community will do so under the following numbers:

Kosovo Serb Party – no. 115

Freedom – no. 120

Independent Liberal Party – no. 121

Srpska Lista – no. 135

A number of decisions were taken at yesterday’s meeting of this regulatory body as well.

During yesterday’s meeting, the CEC also decided that the numbers of MP candidates on the electoral list should not correspond to the number of the party itself, so that certain candidates do not receive more votes because the party number matches their individual candidate numbers. Taking into account that Kosovo’s largest parties and coalitions each have 110 candidates on their electoral lists, the political entities were today assigned ordinal numbers from 111 and up.

Also, three candidates from the Euro-Atlantic Party of Kosovo, led by Milaim Zeka, and one candidate of the Fjala Party (The Word), asked to be removed from the candidate list.

At the same time, the Central Election Commission also announced that more than 42,000 applications had been received from voters living outside of Kosovo, while the final number of approved applications will be determined after all applications have been reviewed. Registered voters living outside of Kosovo will be able to vote from September 18th.

Additionally, out of approximately 900 observer applications, the CEC accredited 737 election observers so far. The deadline to submit an application ends on September 27th.

Finally, on its official Facebook page, the CEC recalled its instruction adopted on September 9th that voters on the electoral roll are obliged to identify themselves in front of the Municipal Election Commission by any of the following documents: a valid ID card, valid travel document, valid passport or valid driver’s license.

According to CEC, however, valid documents for voting are “all documents issued by the Republic of Kosovo, as stipulated by Article 90 of the Law on General Elections no. 03/L-073.”

Srpska Lista objected to CEC’s decision and filed an appeal. The CEC’s Appeals and Petitions Panel rejected the appeal, however. The complaint went further to the Supreme Court but was also rejected by this judicial institution as well.

Other Kosovo Serb political entities did not initially react to this decision, but they announced yesterday that they would respect the decision.



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