Office for KiM on Pristina's initiative for Association: We are suspicious and cautious

We have every reason to doubt the sincerity with which Pristina, after years of delay, enters into the process of drafting the Statute of the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities (ASM) – the first reaction of Belgrade officials – the Office for Kosovo and Metohija – reads after the Kosovo authorities stated they had “reactivated” a Management Team for the drafting of the Statute. Serbs do not need a ASM that would serve as an empty shell with a non-governmental organization mandate, but a “powerful and strong” ASM, with a mandate agreed on in Brussels, which would protect Serbian people – stated the Office for KiM. They exclude any possibility of “selective implementation”, or annulment or amendments to the agreement.    

"Recent manifestations of violence by Pristina towards Serb political representatives in Kosovo and Metohija have resulted in heightened unrest and complete loss of trust by Serbian people in the sincerity and good intentions of the so-called Albanian political elite," the Office for KiM emphasized.

"We suspect it is all about a political maneuver intended to alleviate international pressure, and not truly assuming responsibilities rising from the Brussels Dialogue. Belgrade and Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija request for the implementation of the agreements reached and will take part in the creation of the ASM only in ways agreed upon in Brussels" the Office for Kosovo and Metohija conveyed.

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