North of Kosovo: Two die from COVID- 19, 21 people cured

Two people have died from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of coronavirus-related deaths in the north to 5, epidemiologist Aleksandar Antonijevic said today, adding that 21 people have been cured and two new coronavirus cases were confirmed in the north of Kosovo.

A man from Zvecan and a woman from Leposavic – who had a kidney issue for a number of years – have passed away from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, Antonijevic said, adding that two new coronavirus cases were confirmed in the north.

A total of 665 people were tested up until yesterday – 82 of whom tested positive, 21 were cured and 5 died.

This morning, 18 samples were sent to Kraljevo for testing and results are expected tonight.

In North Mitrovica, so far, 33 people tested positive (one person has died and nine have been cured). There are 19 confirmed cases in Zvecan, 11 of whom have been cured and one has passed away, 19 cases have also been recorded in Zubin Potok and 11 in Leposavic (three people passed away and one was cured).

No official co-operation with the Kosovo Institute of Public Health but willing to co-operate

Antonijevic reiterated today that the Kosovo Institute of Public Health did not request information on the number of infected people in the north. He also revealed that they would have received that information if they had requested it.

He said that the North Mitrovica Institute of Public Health had not established formal cooperation with the Kosovo Institute of Public Health, but that they are willing to cooperate.

„We are available for every form of help and cooperation because this is a joint problem. All of my colleagues think the same – we are fighting for every patient, we will help everyone, but joint cooperation was not established and we were not asked for information. If they had asked us for information, they would have received information on the situation. They did not officially ask. We did not have any official correspondence, we did not have any official cooperation, there was some unofficial help, but no official cooperation,” Antonijevic said.

The public was recently puzzled as to how many new coronavirus cases have been registered in the north of Kosovo. The confusion was created when the Kosovo Public Health Institute said on Saturday that there are as many as 25 new coronavirus cases in the north. On the other hand, the Kosovska Mitrovica emergency team said that there are no new cases. In the meantime, Pristina’s allegations were denied by the Zubin Potok emergency team and epidemiologist Aleksandar Antonijevic from the North Mitrovica Public Health Institute. The spokesperson of the Kosovo Ministry of Health, Faik Hoti then claimed that the data was correct and that information may have been late one day. Hoti also that it represents a sum number of infected that the Kosovo Ministry of Self-Government and Public Administration receives from the emergency teams and then forwards it to the Kosovo Institute for Public Health. However, even by summing up the results the emergency team presented in the last 5 or 6 days, we have not been able to obtain the alleged 25 new coronavirus cases in the north.

Emergency team from the north deny Pristina’s allegations of 25 new coronavirus cases



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