Djuric after Haradinaj and Sheholli: Kosovo Albanians nervous over insistence to prevent new clashes

Marko Djuric/Insajder (Ilustracija)

„The latest attacks – brutal assaults by Sheholli, Haradinaj and Rahman Rama against Serbia, its leadership and President Vucic for opposing the formation of the so-called Kosovo Army in our territory, actually shows how nervous they are due to the insistence to prevent the setting of preconditions for new conflicts, as this army would solely serve a purpose for new conflicts; it should probably serve to face the situation such as the Austrian-Turkish wars in which Serbs fought Serbs; this is what they would love most of all, which is why they embarked onto the issue in such a brutal and aggressive manner, both against President Vucic and Serbian institutions.“ The video shows an address by the Head of Kosovo and Metohija Office within the Government of Serbia Marko Djuric, published by Tanjug, which followed recent statements from Pristina while accusing Serbian officials of alleged pressure placed on Serb KSF members to withdraw from this security formation.

„Serbia and its President are legally opposing the formation of a foreign army in our territory, in accordance with domestic and international law, Resolution 1244, which explicitly forbids the presence and formation of other armies, except for the KFOR mission, in our territory,“ warns the senior government official from Belgrade.

He also spoke against „individuals in Belgrade“, as opposed to the President of the Republic who is trying to „save what can be saved after all has been lost“ and to „oppose the formation of a so-called Kosovo Army“. The opposition leaders – Djilas, Jeremic and Obradovic, were again accused of reaching  „a direct product of the agreement“ with „extreme Albanians“ that „attack the state leadership of Serbia and President Vucic „.

„And it is quite clear that it is a direct product of agreements that have been reached that is used to attack the state leadership of Serbia and President Vucic, regarding Kosovo and Metohija, no matter what the outcome is and what is being discussed. And, of course, it is quite obvious that the same attack is coming from two directions. On the one hand, these are the extreme Albanians who attack Serbian politics and introduce a negative angle of President  Vucic  as Serbian Obilic and Milos, who works for Serbian and against Albanian interests; on the other hand irresponsible individuals such as Djilas, Jeremic, Bosko Obradovic are also attacking in a shameful way, those who wanted to profit from the topic of Kosovo and Metohija; they themselves showed how harmful were their reigns. Now they are trying to get back to power to be able to continue with their decades of survival and destruction of Serbia’s institutions. It is due because their treasury is dry.“

What did Sheholli say?

Director of the Institute for Affirmation of Inter-ethnic Relations Fatmir Sheholli, said that the research conducted by the institute found „scary data suggesting that the regime of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, through the Minister of Defense Vulin, the so-called Kosovo office director Marko Djuric and Srpska Lista from the north of Kosovo, is placing reprehensible pressure on and blackmailing Serb KSF members to leave that institution“. This was said on „Info Magazin“ talk show on TV „Klan Kosova“, and reported by „“ portal that is run by Fatmir Sheholli himself.

„Sheholli specifically stated that his Institute had managed to consult with members of the BSK who were subjected to psychological torture by members of BIA and MUP of Serbia,“ it was reported by Klan Kosova, who also quoted allegations of alleged links between alleged perpetrators of hand grenade attacks against Serb KSF members and the „murder of Serbian politician Oliver Ivanovic“.

What did Haradinaj say?

Most Serb members of the Kosovo Security Force who have requested the termination of their contract indicated „direct pressure by official Belgrade authorities“ as the motive, Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said at a recent press conference in Pristina. Haradinaj addressed the public following an emergency meeting of the Kosovo Security Council, which was held after eight Serb KSF members asked to be removed from their contracts. According to unofficial information, TV Most reported that 20 more Serbs have left the KSF. Kosovo institutions and Haradinaj have not yet confirmed or denied this information. Officials from Belgrade, who have warned Serbs against joining the KSF, did not react.



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