A young ethnic Serb stabbed in the chest, the chief suspect arrested

An incident occurred around 3 am this morning in the village of Priluzje in the south of Mitrovica municipality when a young man of ethnic Serb origin was stabbed multiple times in the chest, the suspected culprit is an ethnic Albanian, for unknown reasons, who was arrested in the meantime. The case cannot be qualified as an inter-ethnic crime for the time being. „According to the information we have, it was not pre-meditated or intended,“ South Mitrovica Police Station confirmed to KoSSev.

A twenty-year old ethnic Serb, N.D., from Priluzje village in the municipality of South Mitrovica was admitted this morning to the Health Center in North Mitrovica with serious bodily injuries. The young man suffered multiple stab wounds in the chest and back area, the Deputy Director of the Health Center, Zlatan Elek confirmed for KoSSev.

„The young man is currently in a stable condition. He was admitted to the intensive care unit with multiple stab wounds in the chest,on his right and left side, and back area. Depending on the diagnostic procedures that are still in progress, it will be decided whether a surgical intervention will be necessary or not,“ said Elek.

An ethnic Albanian was arrested in the meantime on suspicion of carrying out the attack, Deputy Kosovo Police Director for Mitrovica South Nusret Mehmeti confirmed for KoSSev.

„The suspect was identified and arrested. An investigation is underway to established the reasons for the attack,“ said Nusret Mehmeti, confirming that the attack occurred around 3 am in the village of Priluzje.

He emphasised the case cannot be qualified as an inter-ethnic attack for the moment following questions to confirm the ethnic origin of the attacker and an eventual inter-ethnic background on the case:

„Yes, he is of Albanian ethnic origin, but at this moment the case cannot be qualified as such, because the investigation is under way. Also, according to the information we have, it was not pre-meditated or intended.“

Asked whether there was more than a sole attacker, following some Serb media reports on the alleged victim’s testimony on a possible group of attackers, Mehmeti replied:

„For now we have no information that it was a group. I repeat, the chief suspect was arrested.



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