Municipality of N. Mitrovica shuts down due to “COVID-19 cases,” claims Hodzic; a total of 8 cases in Mitrovica on Saturday

Zgrada Opštine

Due to several confirmed cases of COVID-19 infections among the employees of the Municipality of North Mitrovica, the municipality will be closed until further notice, the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of North Mitrovica, Adrijana Hodzic, confirmed for Kontakt Plus radio. According to the latest data on COVID-19 infections, however, there is a total of 8 confirmed cases in North Mitrovica as of Saturday.

„I expect from other officials, who were in contact with the infected, to confirm whether we have more cases, and take measures to protect other employees,“ Hodzic said.

„Currently, I have two pregnant women (cf. who are COVID-19 positive), I have older employees, and this is a measure that we have implemented before because we had to close the municipality for several days on a couple of occasions,“ she told radio Kontakt Plus.

The municipality „will definitely be closed for a week,“ and depending on the situation and the number of infections – perhaps even longer, Kontakt Plus writes.

Bearing in mind that the municipal budget must be adopted by the end of the month, Hodzic announced that the regular session of the North Mitrovica MA would be held tomorrow.

„Sometimes, when we send the decision we adopted to Pristina, they ask for corrections, so this must not take place at the very end of the month. The ministry advised us to do so on the 27th or 28th so that they have time to check whether everything is in accordance with the law. If we do not adopt it tomorrow, we risk having an imposed budget,“ the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of North Mitrovica said.

According to Hodzic, the assembly hall was disinfected during the weekend. The session of the MA will begin at 3 p.m., Kontakt Plus reports.

This media outlet, however, did not specify whether the session would be open to the public, as the sessions are sometimes held behind closed doors and without media presence.

The latest data on COVID-19 infections since Saturday – 8 cases in total in North Mitrovica

This municipal official, however, did not respond to our calls by the time the news was published.

We attempted to confirm how many employees have been infected, whether the municipality has a replacement for them, or a solution so that this body would not have to close.

KoSSev also tried to find out where did such a high number of infections come from bearing in mind that according to the latest data on the number of COVID-19 cases in Kosovo Serb areas revealed a total of 17 cases – 8 in North Mitrovica.

We also sent Hodzic another written request, urging her to start sharing public-relevant information with our media outlet.

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