Members of the union „Mreža Most“ start hunger strike, demanding the Kosovo extra salary payments and salary hike

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FOTO: Fejsbuk/ SO JP Mreža Most

Approximately 37 members of the union organization „Mreža Most“ from the business entities „TV MOST“ – North Mitrovica and „RTV GRAČANICA“ – Gračanica went on a hunger strike today, demanding a salary hike and Kosovo extra salary payments. They claim that they wrote to the president several times in the past years, and even held a meeting with the representative of the Kosovo Office about their demands, but that none of it bore fruit. They say that the hunger strike will cease only once the demands are met. KoSSev reached out to the Kosovo Office regarding the matter, however, no reply had arrived by the time the news was published.

„With this act, we want to draw the public’s attention to the difficult situation in the company,“ the union said while giving details concerning their demands.

They revealed that they are asking for a salary increase, citing as the reason the fact that the current salary – which has not been increased for the last 3-4 years despite huge inflation – of the vast majority of employees is only 40-45,000 dinars.

Speaking of the Kosovo extra salary payments, they state that although they work and live in the territory of Kosovo, they have never been entitled to these extra payments.

While citing that they are unaware of the reason behind this, the employees of this company claim that four years ago the President of Serbia spoke out publicly about their problems.

„In December 2018, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, publicly asked the Kosovo Office at a press conference to find a way for the employees of ‘Mreža Most’ to receive the Kosovo extra salary payments,“ the union said.

They say that their journalists have the right to the Kosovo extra salary payments, just like professors, doctors, and other workers who receive them.

„After many unsuccessful talks, promises, and attempts for our union organization to come to a solution through discussion, we have nothing else left, and our last hope is our president, Aleksandar Vucic, whom we ask to solve our problem. We just want to do our job, to stay and live in Kosovo with our families, but also to have the same rights and conditions as employees of other companies,“ they emphasized.

The union organization of JP „Mreža Most“ explained to KoSSev that 37 (22 from „RTV Gračanica“ from Gračanica and 15 from „TV Most“ from North Mitrovica) out of about 85 members of this union went on a hunger strike today.

„These last months, since the new leadership of the union was elected, we have been struggling to fulfill these demands. We tried to come to a solution with our director (Sladjana Ivancevic), to point out some of our dissatisfactions, but we didn’t achieve anything,“ Dejan Jeftic, president of the union organization „Mreža Most“, told KoSSev.

He added that the union has been facing enormous pressure for the past few months.

Jeftic confirmed that, together with the director of JP Mreža Most, Sladjana Ivancevic, they met with Dusica Nikolic, the assistant director of the Kosovo Office in July of this year.

In his words, however, nothing concrete was accomplished at this meeting.

„They told us to wait, to be patient, to make a proposal in a month or two. We did that, but the Office then told us that we should wait until next year and that it depends on the budget,“ stated Jeftic.

As a result, after all the promises, talks and attempts, the workers decided to take the last step – „to risk their lives and their health“ by starting a hunger strike.

Regarding the allegations presented by the members of the union JP „Mreža most“, the KoSSev portal tried to get in touch with the Kosovo Office by e-mail, but no reply had arrived by the time the news was published.

Almost four years ago, while presenting New Year’s gifts to children from Kosovo, the President of Serbia shared the news with a TV Most journalist that the editorial staff of this media outlet will also receive the Kosovo extra salary payments.

While noting that these extra payments were given to doctors and teachers, Vucic told the then director of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric, that the journalists working at TV Most should not be exempted from these payments.

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