LVV denies Lajcak’s statement that the ASM was discussed in Pristina

„The dialogue process itself was discussed at the meeting with Mr. Lajcak. The Association of Serb-majority Municipalities could not have been the topic of this meeting because Mr. Lajcak is aware of LVV’s views and assessments on this issue,“ Self-Determination (LVV) spokesman Perparim Kryeziu wrote on Facebook.

The EU Special Envoy for dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Miroslav Lajcak stayed in Pristina on Tuesday and Wednesday, where he met with all political and institutional leaders.

Among other parliamentary party leaders, Lajcak also met with LVV leader Albin Kurti. At a press conference held after the meetings, Lajcak announced that all his interlocutors told him that they understood that the formation of the ASM was Kosovo’s obligation.

„At all meetings, the partners showed support for the dialogue and understanding that the dialogue is good and important for Kosovo and confirmed that Kosovo will comply with all obligations, including the establishment of the ASM,“ Lajcak said, adding that this was the most important outcome of his meetings in Pristina.

These allegations presented by Lajcak, however, were denied by the LVV party today, which claimed that Lajcak knows that there is no need to talk to them about it.

„It was probably not the same case at other meetings, especially meetings with those who negotiated and supported both the 2013 agreement and the 2015 agreement. In fact, this topic can rightly be considered closed solely for LVV, since we were the only ones to oppose the agreement on the ASM from the beginning – when opposition to it should have been expressed,“ stated Kryeziu.

Kryeziu added that this topic should have been closed to everyone after the decision of the Constitutional Court from December 23, 2015, underlining that they believe this decision „made that project practically and essentially impossible.”



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