Kurti to K.Serbs: What we’re starting on August 1st, Serbia began implementing 11 years ago, trust your government

„What we’re starting on August 1st, Serbia began implementing 11 years ago,“ Kosovan Prime Minister Albin Kurti said a day before the Kosovan government is set to start implementing its latest decisions on the re-registration of vehicles with Serbian plates with markings of towns in Kosovo and start issuing a declaration sheet to citizens entering Kosovo with Serbian ID cards. In the meantime, new flyers were posted in North Mitrovica, this time with the message: „There is no surrender, the Serbian identity card remains.“

„Dear citizens, when we talk about law and justice, and thus the sovereignty of the state, we must also talk about reciprocity in terms of the use of identification cards on the territory of the state,“ the Prime Minister of Kosovo once again addressed the Serbs in their native language in a video message.

Kurti thus addressed the citizens of the Republic of Serbia who do not possess Kosovo documents, and who, as the Kosovo government announced, will be issued with a so-called declaration sheet when entering Kosovo starting from August 1st.

„I don’t want you to interpret our action in any way other than as a response to the violation of your rights as a citizen of the Republic of Kosovo,“ Kurti alleged, adding that the government he leads is obligated to protect the citizens’ rights from „discriminatory actions.“

According to him, such actions are „a threat to the state“ as well as „a threat to all of us as its citizens“.

While often criticized for his lack of communication with the Kosovo Serbs, Kurti made a contradictory claim in this video, saying that he has repeatedly addressed them.

„Because that’s the only way we can ensure a better and brighter future together,“ he adds.

„This time I am once again asking for your trust and willingness to go through and complete this registration process together. My government and all relevant ministers are at your disposal for any questions and concerns you may have regarding this issue.“

„What we’re starting on August 1st, Serbia started implementing 11 years ago. We will be at your service by proving that our every action is only respect for the law, which as such equally treats each and every one of us. Trust your government,“ the Kosovo Prime Minister said.

Kurti’s latest video message was once again shot in different spots in the registration center to soothing music.

On Friday, the Kosovo Minister of the Interior, Xhelal Svecla, held a meeting with the coordinators of the vehicle registration centers, announcing that everything is ready for the implementation of the latest Pristina decisions.

At the same time, the Kosovo government reminded yesterday that it will start issuing a declaration sheet to Serbian citizens entering Kosovo with ID documents issued by the Serbian authorities from August 1.

This declaration sheet will be issued at all air and land crossings and it will be valid for 90 days from its issuance.

The document will also be issued to persons under 16 years of age, who do not possess an ID card, provided they have a birth certificate with a photograph attached.

Back in June, along with this decision, the Kosovan government also declared that owners of vehicles with license plates issued by the Serbian authorities for cities and towns in Kosovo (PR“, „KM“, „PZ“, „GL“, „UR”, „PE”, „DA” or „ĐA”) will be able to replace their license plates with Kosovo (RKS) plates from August 1st to September 30th.

The Kosovo authorities view these plates as „illegal“, which is why they use the term „registration“. They also described this decision as “a concession” facilitated by the fact that the vehicles with these plates “will not be subject to customs duty.”

Furthermore, when it comes to vehicles with Serbian license plates of cities and towns outside Kosovo, the sticker regime will remain in force until October 31st.

Kosovo officials and those who support the Kosovo government have repeatedly interpreted all these decisions as „measures of reciprocity“ with Serbia – „rounding off sovereignty and territorial integrity“ and „introducing legality“ in the north.

Apart from political condemnations, Kosovo Serb citizens have yet to receive any concrete and public instructions from official Belgrade regarding the issue.

Since these decisions were announced, the messages that there is „no surrender“ have been repeatedly sent by the Serbian side.

New flyers were posted in North Mitrovica this morning with the following message: „There is no surrender – the identity card remains“.

A few days ago, flyers – „No surrender – KM remains!“ appeared on cars parked on the main street.

The same message was sprayed all over the main street of North Mitrovica earlier this month. Just a few days before, Srpska Lista Vice-President, Milan Radoicic, announced from Kamilja hill above Leposavic that there would be „no surrender“.

A page with the same name has been opened on Instagram, where the same messages and photos are also being published.

In the polls posted since last night on KoSSev‘s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages, we asked readers whether they would be replacing their KM plates with Kosovan ones. Of the four answers given – „I will“, „I won’t“, „If I have to“, „I expect instructions from Belgrade“, over 65% of respondents – out of 1.000 who participated in the poll – said that they would not be replacing their plates.



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