„Kurti reckons that the US won’t be a child murderer“

FOTO: Nova, Vesna Lalić/Nebojsa Vujovic wrote the political sections of the Kumanovo Agreement and Dayton Agreements, UN Security Council Resolution 1244. He is the former head of the Mission of the FRY to the US, director of „Hemofarm USA“, among others.

Today is the 24th anniversary of the signing of the Kumanovo Agreement, which marked the end of the NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The author of the political section of this agreement, Nebojsa Vujovic, comments on the current situation in Kosovo, exclusively for KoSSev.

The US has a big problem with Kurti. But what is it about?

Kurti is fully committed to the ideology of uniting all Albanians under one roof. He was in prison in Nis and that was where he further cemented his beliefs.

He is not corrupt or corruptible, nor does he share the fear of his Albanian political opponents who bloodied their hands committing war crimes, or tolerated them, whether there was evidence against them (Thaci), or the evidence was magically eliminated (Haradinaj).

Kurti will do everything to be remembered, even be crucified by the Americans, if he has to.

He will not back down easily and he is holding his ground when it comes to the US envoys’ threat. He reckons that the US will not be a child murderer and will not raise a hand to Kosovo, because they would thus reverse a quarter-century of efforts invested there.

The threat that the US will introduce a protectorate in the North does not come as a big surprise to me. Sandy Berger, Alexander Vershbow, Robert Gelbard, James Pardew, Andy Burr, Congressman Hamilton and Senator Chuck Lugar – the Foreign Affairs Committees on Europe – both houses – told me that they will never let those bloodsuckers unite (Kosovo and Albania). That’s what they said in unison, with one voice.

Now Kurti is putting that policy to the test, knocking on some doors from his past.

With his firm stance, Kurti easily beats Vucic, who is no stranger to complicated political labyrinths. Also, Vucic has a soft plexus and loses his breath when receiving blows.

Escobar, Rubin and O’Brien are America’s new team to find a solution that won’t wipe out all of America’s quarter-century-old investments. Tony Blinken worries about the approach of the election year, solving the Kosovo knot – over Vucic’s back.

The deadline is near, before the beginning of the primary elections in the US. Vucic’s big and reborn internal problems, which are threatening his position, are prompting the US administration to press the pedal and step on the gas, to wrap everything for them before he totters, or, God forbid, decompensates.
Thus, the time in which the US is looking for an alternative to the fallen leader with one eye while counting the weeks to solve Kosovo and cut off – once and for all, Russian influence in the region.

After Vucic, Dodik in Republika Srpska and the Democratic Front in Montenegro will be the dessert.

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