Kurti: Radoičić gathered SL leadership, seeks mobilization for the elections; Elek issues denial

Zlatan Elek Aljbin Kurti

The „reorganization of Milan Radoičić’s group with the instructions and support of the Serbian state“ is underway, the Prime Minister of Kosovo warned last night. Kurti also claims that the former vice-president of Srpska Lista gathered the new leadership of the party last week in Raska and „requested mobilization for voting“ for the upcoming elections in Serbia. The new Srpska Lista chief, however, vehemently denied Kurti’s claims about the meeting in Raska.

„In Raska, in Serbia, the paramilitary and terrorist reorganization of Milan Radoičić and his group is taking place, with the instructions and support of the Serbian state,“ announced the Prime Minister of Kosovo last night.

Moreover, he claims that last Friday, Radoičić convened a meeting attended by approximately 40 Serbian politicians and officials representing“ illegal municipalities from Kosovo“.

The gathering, which was allegedly held in the House of Culture in Raska, was reportedly attended by members of SL, including its newly-elected president, Zlatan Elek and vice-presidents Dragiša Milović and Dalibor Jevtić, as well as the assistant to the director of the Kosovo Office Petar Petković.

At the same time, Kurti states that a request for the „mobilization for voting“ for the Serbian Progressive Party in the elections scheduled for December 17 was presented during the gathering.

„Those who are on the payroll are conditioned by them, while the others were offered a job for 3 and 6 months,“ Kurti further claimed.

The Kosovo PM also shared a series of criticisms and accusations against official Belgrade.

Recalling the events in Banjska on September 24, as well as the arrest and subsequent release of Radoičić by the Serbian authorities, Kurti said that „after the terrorist attack in the north, Milan Radoičić was released within one day to continue his paramilitary and terrorist activities in the service of Serbia’s state policy towards Kosovo“.

„It was five months after the kidnapping in Leposavic of our border police officers Rifat Zeka, Beqir Sefa and Shemë Mustafa and eight weeks after the murder of Kosovo Police Sergeant Afrim Bunjaku,“ stated Kurti.

He called on KFOR, EULEX and the European Union to come out with a public and official report in which they „attribute the act of aggression and the crime of terrorism to Serbia“, but to also „condemn the reorganization of Radoičić’s group“.

Kurti also addressed the issue of the bases of the Serbian Army situated near the territory of Kosovo.

„Even after international pressure, Serbia has yet to withdraw all troops and artillery from the vicinity of the territory of Kosovo. It continues to threaten the security of the Republic of Kosovo with the deployed operational bases of the Armed Forces of Serbia along the border with our country. Moreover, Serbia has deployed anti-aircraft systems near the border with Kosovo,“ Kurti claimed.

Furthermore, he once again described Russia as a destabilizing factor, alleging that Serbia is „working on the Serbian world project.“

„The threat posed by Russia and Serbia to regional stability, peace and security is becoming increasingly apparent. Russia aims to light the fire of the crisis in the EU’s backyard, to defocus NATO, while Serbia fulfills its territorial ambitions towards its neighbors according to the project of Vulin and Vučić – ‘Serbian World.'“

Once again, he requested that sanctions be imposed against official Belgrade, warning that not introducing sanctions „increases the level of threat in the Western Balkans“.

„The leaders of the terrorist group, instead of facing justice in Kosovo, continue preparations for other attacks on Kosovo and gathering votes by blackmailing Kosovo Serbs,“ Kurti states.

Elek: Ridiculous story, I fully deny it

The new president of Srpska Lista, Zlatan Elek, in a statement for KoSSev, denied the Kosovo Prime Minister’s claims about the party leadership meeting with Radoičić in Raska.

He underlined that „it’s the first time” he heard this piece of information.

„Complete denial on that matter. I don’t understand what Milan Radoičić has to do with Srpska Lista,“ said Elek, stating that in addition to the party president, new vice presidents were also appointed on October 24.

SL chief described Kurti’s allegations about the meeting in Raska as „ridiculous.“

„I have no knowledge about such meetings and statements by Albin Kurti,“ underlined Elek.

On the other hand, he says that SL advocates for the parliamentary and local elections organized by Serbia, scheduled for December 17, to be held on the territory of Kosovo.

He also confirmed the allegations unofficially reported by the media – that the Kosovo Office sent a request to the head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Michael Davenport, on the occasion.

Pristina media reported last week that official Belgrade wrote to the OSCE and asked this mission to „collect the votes of Serbian voters living in Kosovo.“

This mission then informed the Kosovo government about the request, stating that it was ready to carry out the collection „under the same conditions as in previous cases“.

„In order for the Serbian community in Kosovo to participate in the elections of Serbia, there must be a special agreement“, said the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, in a letter addressed to the head of the OSCE Mission, requesting at the same time that official Belgrade initiate the conclusion of such an agreement, Pristina media reported.

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