Dr. Zlatan Elek has been named the new President of SL, 5 new vice presidents also elected

Sednica Srpske liste

The Director of the North Mitrovica Hospital Center, Dr. Zlatan Elek, a pediatric surgeon, has been named the new head of Srpska Lista.

The decision was made by an unanimous vote at today’s session of this party, which began at noon on its premises in North Mitrovica.

Voting for a new party president was the first item on the agenda.

As Srpska Lista announced after the session, Elek thanked all the party’s delegates for the trust, support, and honor they have placed in him.

He also thanked the previous leadership of the party for „the commitment they showed in the fight for the interests of the Serbian people in extremely complex circumstances.“

„President Elek pointed out that in the coming period Srpska Lista will also be the rallying point around which the Serbs in Kosovo will gather, as well as that all important political decisions will always be made in coordination with official Belgrade, and in the interest of the entire Serb people, while preserving necessary unity“ – SL said in a statement.

They highlighted that Elek is a doctor, the director of the central hospital in the north, an associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine, the author of several professional and scientific works, and the father of three children.

At today’s session of the Srpska Lista party, other personnel changes were also made.

Five new vice-presidents were elected – Dragiša Milović, former mayor of the municipality of Zvečan, Ivan Zaporožac, the president of the Provisional Authority of the Municipality of Kosovska Mitrovica as of Friday and director of the School Administration for Kosovo and Metohija, the mayor of Štrpce, Dalibor Jevtić, Tanja Vujović, dean of the Faculty of Economics and Dragana Antonijević, director of the Student Center.

As of today, members of the Srpska Lista presidency include Gordana Savić, Srdjan Popović, Srdjan Vulović, Nemanja Biševac, Slavko Simić, Ivan Todosijević, Verica Ćeranić, Siniša Lazić and Saša Milošević.

The session was attended by the party’s top officials.

It was chaired at the beginning by the now former president of this party, Goran Rakić, while the vice-presidents – Igor Simić, Slavko Simić and others – were also present.

Zoran Todić, Milan Radojević, Miljana Nikolić, Dejan Gurešić also attended today’s session.

A representative of the Central Election Commission was also present, who arrived shortly before noon, accompanied by the Kosovo Police.

The news that the assembly of this party will be held on September 24 was first announced by the media in Pristina a few days ago, reporting that the party is expected to carry out personnel changes.

The session was closed to the media today.

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