Kosovo Office: Flags of Albania and the KLA displayed in Bosniak Mahala

Foto: Kancelarija za Kosovo i Metohiju

Along with the flags of Albania that have been on display for years, the KLA flag has also been raised in the ethnically-mixed settlement of Bosniak Mahala in North Mitrovica. The Kosovo Office protested tonight over the display of these flags.

According to this Office, this is a „deliberate and dangerous provocation“ aimed at provoking a “rash reaction” of the Serb people in the north.

„Although the perpetrator is hidden, the celebration of the terrorist KLA has its recognizable signature and points to the authorities in Pristina,“ the Office said, alleging that the Kosovo prime minister is hiding behind the act.

They claim that it is „the obvious intention“ of Albin Kurti – „to raise tensions in the north of Kosovo again, provoke incidents and thus strive to amass some political points“.

„The fact that Kurti is not welcome in Serbian communities in Kosovo, and the north being his daily obsession, cannot be compensated by such actions and hoisting the flags of a terrorist organization in Serbian communities,“ the Kosovo Office stated.

They stressed that it is clear that Kurti is not interested in dialogue and normalization of relations, noting that he is only interested in raising tensions through which “he shows once again his true face of an extremist, disguised as a politician.”

Albanian flags have actually been on display in this part of the town for years.

Moreover, for years now, the flags of the so-called „Greater Albania“ could also be seen in North Mitrovica.

As the KoSSev portal reported this summer, “Greater Albania” flags, along with the Albanian flags, were displayed on the bridge connecting the southern and northern part of Mitrovica in Suvi Do, and the part of the road that leads to the north.

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The Serbian and Albanian sides have a completely differing view of the „Kosovo Liberation Army“. On the one hand – for Albanians, it is a „sacred heritage“, while on the other, the Serbian people perceive it as a hostile formation. Since its formation in the 1990s, the Serbian authorities, including the current one, had been describing the KLA as a „terrorist“ formation.



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