The media and an activist of the Serbian Democracy kicked out in the middle of the session of the N.Mitrovica MA, the session continued behind closed doors

 A session of the North Mitrovica Municipal Assembly, although started as open to the public, was suddenly closed at the very beginning. The decision was made after a member of the Serbian Democracy party asked for clarification of a matter the councillors were discussing, after which the chairman said that the session should continue without the presence of citizens and the media. He underlined that only members of the MA have the right to speak during the session.

The session began regularly, that is, with a discussion on the adoption of the minutes from the previous session, after which Valentina Djerković, a member of the Serbian Democracy, addressed the chairman and asked what the minutes were and what was being voted for.

Ugljanin then emphasized that the audience had no right to ask questions during the session, after which Djerković insisted on obtaining an answer to her question, saying that citizens have the right to know what the MA decides on.

Ugljanin then said that the session should be closed to the public, i.e. that only the members of the North Mitrovica Municipal Assembly should remain, while observes, including media representatives, to leave the room. Ugljanin’s suggestion was met with the opposition of the present media crews.

After that, there was a break, where part of the councillors, together with the chairman, went for consultations.

After the end of the break, there was a vote on this issue, and the chairman, without a clear explanation of how many councillors voted and how, maintained that the proposal was adopted to close the session to the public and that citizens and media representatives must leave the hall.

Dušan Milunović, an ethnic Serb MA member, publicly objected to this, stating that even he would leave the session if the media stepped out.

Nedžad Ugljanin then told the media that after the end of the session, he would explain why such a decision was made, after which the municipal security demanded that the media leave the hall.

Out of revolt, a small group of media teams decided not to wait for the end of the session, while the majority stayed in front of the municipal building, waiting for Ugljanin to give them an explanation.


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