Sentić on Pristina’s recent moves: The Serbian and other communities are rightfully upset

FOTO: Srđan Sentić, zamenik Ombudsmana na Kosovu, u razgovoru za Glas Amerike/screenshot

„All ethnic communities affected by the recent decisions, especially the Serbian community, are rightfully upset. There is no justification or reasoning for such inhumane actions by authorities,“ the deputy of the Kosovo Ombudsperson, Srdjan Sentić, said today.

Sentić’s reaction came following the entry into force of a new regulation issued by the Central Bank of Kosovo on currencies, which essentially banned the use of the Serbian dinar, as well as the actions of the Kosovo Police, including tone in Gorazdevac, during which 4 million dinars intended for the payout of pensions and social assistance to Serbs in this area were seized.

Referring to a report by Radio Gorazdevac about the retirees from the returnee villages of Belo Polje and Brestovik who have not received their pensions, Sentić said in a Facebook post that „the right to life is a basic human right which is proclaimed and protected in Article 2 of the European Convention for the Protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms“.

He noted that institutions are obliged to act when they are called on to ensure, among other things, the right to life and liberty:

He added that they are obliged to create the required conditions for a dignified life and the right to means to make a living. In this regard, he argued, institutions are obliged not only to refrain from activities that are in complete contradiction to these principles, but must be active in order to ensure economic and social rights for their citizens.

Sentić, however, states that „all these events that cannot be experienced as inclusive and friendly, which we are currently bearing witness to, undoubtedly call into question human dignity (which is the source of all human rights) and the existence, to the greatest extent, of an ethnic community that does not offer any other alternative in realizing their rights to material existence“.

In his words, it is necessary to turn to essential integration, dialogue and open a space for the harmonization of relations.

„Instead of constant incitement of animosity, hate speech, stigmatization and obvious discrimination and violation of human rights on several grounds, it is necessary to turn to essential integration, dialogue and opening of space towards the harmonization of relations, responsible approach and responsible rhetoric, respect for the Constitution, laws and above all international convention on human rights, which are the leading principles of Western democracies and European values.“

According to Sentić, encouraging affirmative measures that will bring the community closer to the institutions, which now threaten their human rights with their actions and leave no room for building trust in the institutions themselves, is a must.

These same institutions bear all responsibility for acting or not acting when it comes to human rights and fundamental freedoms, he concluded.

Pristina’s latest moves, including the manner of implementation of the CBK regulation, were met with concern from international officials, who urged Pristina to postpone the implementation of the regulation until satisfactory procedures and a clear method of the way the Kosovo Serbian community would receive pensions and socials benefits are established, and the citizens are notified about it in detail.

International officials also criticized Pristina for the recent actions of the Kosovo Police, including the seizure of money for pensions and other benefits in Metohija.

One of them is the US ambassador in Pristina, Jeffrey Hovenier, who expressed expectation that Pristina would ensure that the recipients of these benefits receive their money without delay.

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