N.Mitrovica joins Serbian flag parade after the adoption of the Resolution on Srebrenica

The UN General Assembly adopted a Resolution today declaring July 11 as the International Day of Remembrance of the Genocide in Srebrenica and condemning the denial of genocide and the glorification of war criminals.

After the UN passed the resolution in question, the main news in the Serbian pro-governmental media is the Serbian flag – the fact that the Serbian president draped himself in it at the session of the General Assembly, as well as the entire government in Belgrade, all the way to a parade of flags in towns all across Serbia and the countries of the region. A group of citizens in North Mitrovica also joined the parade.

The President of Serbia announced last month that, if the Resolution is adopted, he will invite „all Serbs to raise the tricolor, everywhere in the world.“

He spoke intensively about the tricolor over the past several days, and even used the opportunity to mention it before the vote on Kosovo’s membership in the Council of Europe.

„The day after that, we will drape our Serbian tricolors. We will display it on our houses. Proudly parading the streets, not only of our country, but of all the towns of the world and as a freedom-loving people who suffered terribly in World War I and II and in the conflicts of the 1990s, so that some others would fill their heads with ideas as to who committed the genocide.“

Vučić himself draped himself in the Serbian flag during today’s voting on the Resolution at the session of the General Assembly.

In the entire campaign of highlighting the Serbian flag, apart from the president, during today’s vote, the Serbian state leadership also draped themselves in the same flag. The Prime Minister of Serbia, Miloš Vučević, gathered the ministers so that they could all watch the broadcast of the General Assembly session together.

Ministri ogrnuti zastavama gledali prenos Generalne skupštine UN
FOTO: FoNet/Instagram/Miloš Vučević

Shortly after the adoption of the resolution, a convoy of vehicles decorated with Serbian flags was spotted through downtown Belgrade.

The expected car parade was also organized in North Mitrovica. A larger group of citizens drove through the streets with Serbian flags erected on flagpoles, windows and hoods of cars.

About a hundred cars participated in the parade, playing music and waving flags from the roundabout near the fountain to the second roundabout – at the monument to Knez Lazar.

At one point, the traffic was fully jammed, which was normalized at the end of the parade.

The parade with Serbian flags took place in the same week, that is, three days after the closure and shutdown of Serbian financial institutions in the north of Kosovo, when, apart from announcements and condemnations, there was no concrete reaction from the official Belgrade.

Church Bells Ring in Serbian Orthodox Churches Ahead of Srebrenica Resolution Vote

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