Derikravić announced a hunger strike, demanding that TAK return more than 310,000 euros of „illegally seized VAT“

Protest / Derikravić / Haljilj (Halil) Voca

The former owner of the cable operator – Lika d.o.o. from Zvecan, Žarko Derikravić announced once again that he will go on a hunger strike this Monday, in protest of the fact that two years ago, the Tax Administration allegedly confiscated more than 310,000 euros from him illegally. This institution has denied Derikravić’s allegations.

Žarko Derikravić is the former owner of the company Lika d.o.o. – cable operator from Zvecan. The company operated from 2013 until December 10, 2019, when a contract was signed on the transfer of full ownership to the company MTS d.o.o. for the amount of 1,200,000 euros.

According to Derikravić, however, on April 6, 2022, the Tax Administration of Kosovo withdrew money from his account allegedly without any written notification, added value-added tax (VAT) and capital gains in the amount of 313,000 euros, and informed him about it two months later.

Derikravić, as well as his representative Halil Voca, claim that the money was withdrawn from the account illegally on the account that the sale of shares is a financial transaction that is exempt from VAT, and that the Tax Administration in Mitrovica thus committed a criminal act.

At the end of January, it was announced that Derikravić would go on a hunger strike in front of the Tax Administration in South Mitrovica, with the aim of getting his money back.
He also announced the possibility of not going on a hunger strike if he were to meet with the director of the Tax Administration in this town, which happened in the meantime.

Looking back at this meeting held on January 31, Derikravić says in a new statement that he was once again informed of the position of this institution – that the money withdrawn for the purposes of the VAT was carried out in accordance with the law.

„That day, director Besim Halilaj from the Tax Service in Kosovska Mitrovica sent me an email – ‘I’LL BE WAITING FOR YOU AT 11:00, BUT ONLY YOU’. So, I was forced to enter the meeting alone, without my representative and the authorized person Halil Voca. With this move, the Tax Service did not allow me to be legally protected and the right to an authorized person of my choice and trust,“ says Derikravić.

I wonder which of the Albanians paid VAT on the sale of shares? VGN NET D.O.O. or HERC D.O.O. did not pay. Present a similar case to us, at least one, on the sale of shares where VAT was included.

The director of the Tax Administration in Mitrovica later denied Derikravić’s allegations in a statement for KoSSev. He emphasized that this was not a unique case, and that this institution „committed no injustice“ against Derikravić.

In a statement for KoSSev, the representative of Derikravić, Halil Voca then denied the allegations of the director of the Tax Administration.

Despite the fact that the meeting did not bear fruit, Derikravić postponed the hunger strike, announcing that he would also address the central directorate of the Tax Administration in Pristina.

„After that, I requested a meeting with the Director of the Tax Service, Ilir Murtezaj and Deputy Njazi Aslani, and to this day I have not received any answer as to whether they will meet with me. I reached out to all the directors of the tax service of the TAK because my representative cannot address them because the director of the TAK in Mitrovica filed an indictment against him, because he defends me and represents the Derikravić family in the case of the TAK,“ he alleged.

Derikravić states that he is convinced that the Tax Service of Kosovo violated the law, but also that they will not return his case for review.

„They don’t like the fact that I’m not of Albanian ethnicity. On that occasion, they discriminated because, I believe, this was done on purpose and politically,“ he said.
He cited this as the reason for the hunger strike.

„Ladies and gentlemen, I have decided that on February 12, 2024 in Zvečan with the address of Nikola Tesla no. 1, I am going on a hunger strike as a sign of dissatisfaction with my financial situation and my legal rights,“ he said.

At the same time, he announced that he had sent a letter to the head of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petković.

„Until further notice, I will not be attending any meeting without my representative, Mr. Halil Voca,“ adds Derikravić, stating that Voca will also be authorized to answer all questions related to his case once he goes on strike.

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