Kosovo MFA: Gervala denied entry into Serbia; The Kosovo Office denies

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The Kosovo Office announced this morning that Pristina denied entry into Kosovo to Petar Petkovic – for the sixth time in a row. Official Belgrade also revealed that it approved a visit of a member of Albin Kurti’s cabinet to Serbia today. Pristina, however, soon denied the news, saying that Kosovo’s foreign minister, Donika Gervala, was actually barred from visiting Presevo. In turn, Belgrade quickly denied Pristina’s allegations, while also sharing a „screenshot“ as evidence that Gervala’s visit was approved.

The Kosovo Office announced this morning that the Pristina authorities barred the head of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petkovic, from entering Kosovo at the Jarinje crossing today. The Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs subsequently confirmed the news for KoSSev.

The Office underlined that this was the sixth ban on entry in 2021. They also stressed that, unlike on previous such occasions, Pristina did not notify official Belgrade, not even by e-mail, that the visit was not approved, adding that they learned about it at the crossing.

At the same time, the Kosovo Office said that the Belgrade authorities had approved the entry of a member of the Kosovo Prime Minister’s Cabinet into Presevo and Bujanovac and that the Serbian state leadership was behaving responsibly and respecting agreements on freedom of movement and official visits.

In the meantime, however, the Pristina media, referring to unofficial allegations, reported that the Kosovo Minister of Foreign Affairs, Donika Gervala, was barred from visiting Presevo.

The Kosovo Foreign Ministry confirmed these allegations in a statement for KoSSev.

The Kosovo Office denies Gervala was denied entry

In the meantime, the Kosovo Office denied Pristina media reports and the allegations of Pristina officials that Belgrade did not approve today’s visit of Minister Donika Gervala Schwartz to Bujanovac and Presevo.

„According to the agreement on official visits, any visit between Belgrade and Pristina officials is considered approved unless explicitly prohibited by a memo, and Donika Gervala Schwartz’s request was treated positively,“ the Office said.

They also claim that the liaison officer representing Belgrade told his colleague – the Pristina liaison officer in Belgrade, that Gervala Schwartz’s visit was approved and that she was allowed to visit the mentioned municipalities as per the valid agreement and without status marks.

As evidence, they shared a screenshot of an e-mail showing the Pristina liaison officer thanking his Belgrade counterpart for the approval of the notification on Gervala’s visit.

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The Kosovo Office called on the media and Pristina officials to stop deceiving the public and sharing incorrect information.

„Belgrade consistently respects the agreements and is committed to the normalization of relations, and no inaccurate allegations from Pristina can invalidate that,“ the Kosovo Office said in a statement.



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