KFOR stationed in Jarinje; right-wingers announce a rally for 1 p.m

KFOR troops have been deployed to Jarinje, AP journalist Radul Radovanovic reports. On the other side of the Jarinje crossing, a gathering aimed at „unblocking the crossing for Serbs from Kosovo“ was scheduled today through social networks and certain right-wing media.

As Srbin Info announced on Friday, the gathering will be attended by individuals from Montenegro, Republika Srpska, and Serbia proper.

According to the first announcements, it will take place at 1 p.m.

A large number of protest participants – including the leader of Ljubav, Vera, Nada, Nemanja Sarovic, as well as Damjan Knezevic, the leader of “Narodna Patrola”, who just gave a statement to RT – have already gathered a few hundred meters from the crossing.

Members of the Serbian MIA formed a cordon in front of the participants of the protest, barring them from approaching the crossing for the time being. The situation is calm.

„To get at least one ball rolling,“ one of the participants told Srbin.info. From Montenegro, he announced that when the processions started in Montenegro – „there were no more than 100 people“.

The gathering was initiated by several organizations and movements – „Mihaljski Zbor“ from Montenegro, “Narodna Patrola” and “Nema predaje Kosova i Metohije” from Serbia, several other groups of citizens, the editor of Srbin info Petar Zlatanovic announced. He underlined that these are not political parties, but groups of citizens and movements.

It is planned for Nebojsa Jovic, commissioner of the Commission of the Movement for the Defense of KiM, and his associates to be waiting for them on the other side of Jarinje.

In an invitation posted on his Facebook page, Jovic said:

„THIS IS THE PLACE for barricades and unblocking Jarinje (and Brnjak)!!! THIS is where we take our safety into our hands!!!! NOT THE FIVE EXISTING BARRICADES THAT BLOCK THE SERBS MORE THAN ROSU DOES. BUT some (A.V, S.L, S.B) find that the people being continually exhausted and freezing themselves in a fake protest WITHOUT results is more suitable than the effective success of the ORGANIZED PEOPLE (WITHOUT the already mentioned trio of „anesthesiologists“). They do not need a free north, or south of the province of Serbia! No! Their goal is to numb our people and PUT IT UNDER CONTROL OF NO RESPONSE!!! NEVER A BORDER! KOSOVO AND METOHIJA IS SERBIA!!!“

As footage taken by AP journalist Radul Radovanovic shows, KFOR troops were stationed today in Jarinje behind barbed wire fencing.

In a statement from Friday, KFOR reminded that they have increased their presence since October.

KFOR then called on all actors to „refrain from provocative depictions of violence and ensure the safety and security of all communities.“

„We call on all parties to engage constructively to enable security and freedom of movement in Kosovo,“ said KFOR Commander Angelo Michele Ristuccia on Friday.

In the meantime, KFOR received a request from the Government of Serbia for the return of Serbian police and military forces to Kosovo.

„We received a letter from Serbia and we are currently evaluating it. KFOR remains extremely cautious and fully capable of fulfilling its UN mandate,“ KFOR said in a reply to RFE.

Nine days have passed since local Serbs set up barricades in the north, after which the Kosovo police closed Jarinje and Brnjak border crossings. Despite some discreet announcements by international officials that barricades will be removed – they still stand. Moreover, the Serbs installed another barricade yesterday at the entrance to the Mali Zvecan settlement, towards Brdjani.

The only municipality in the North without barricades is North Mitrovica. However, police units from the regions south of the Ibar have been stationed around this town.

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