Jeremic: Announcements of conflicts in Kosovo are a staged farce, Belgrade and Pristina a step away from partition

Vuk Jeremić
Foto: VOA

The announcements of the conflicts in Kosovo are „irresponsible, shameless and a staged farce“ and nothing is further from the reality than the claims that the negotiations have failed, the president of the People’s Party and one of the leaders of the Alliance for Serbia, Vuk Jeremic said today. Jeremic added that it is true that Belgrade and Pristina are a step from an agreement under which Serbia would permanently and irrevocably renounce Kosovo. The „Resolution on dialogue“ recently adopted in Pristina, according to Jeremic, has the role of „enhancing the drama“ and creating an impression of victory after the arranged partition.

During a conference in Cacak today, Jeremic emphasized that „the arranged partition of Kosovo“ would bring more than 90% of the territory into the hands of the Albanians, and the rest would be part of Serbia, while parts of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja municipalities would also become part of „that new Kosovo“.

According to Jeremic, after that, „the government in Serbia would depict that as a victory in which the greatest gain is the avoidance of war and conflict.“

„There is absolutely no threats of war, except from the group of criminals and war criminals led by Aleksandar Vucic, Hashim Thaci and Ramush Haradinaj. This criminal gang is the only one that can lead to any turbulence in this region at this moment, but I think that the international community will not allow for this to happen for these three men who are very closely cooperating at the moment,“ the president of the People’s Party said.

Jeremic stated that it is utterly irresponsible that citizens are brought into „a state of fear and confusion and madness“.

He also added that, based on his talks with US officials in the United States, but also on the basis of meetings with other international interlocutors, „there is no doubt that there is a plan for the so-called delimitation on the table.“

„Only a few months remain until the deadline that the president of Serbia and the SNS, Aleksandar Vucic, promised to fulfill that led him to power in 2012 – the formal write-off of Serbia’s sovereignty over the territory of Kosovo in the international legal formally-binding sense and enabling Pristina to become a member of the UN,” Jeremic underlined.

Djuric: Jeremic’s claims lead Kosovo Serbs into danger

The head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric immediately reacted to Jeremic’s allegations.
„In this way, he leads primarily Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija into direct danger, telling them that nobody is endangering them, and that they are completely safe because the madness of Pristina is staged. Such political insolence and irresponsibility are unprecedented,“ Djuric said.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic presented a new series of alarming warnings and accusations at the expense of the Serbian opposition, Albanians and their „Western mentors“, the EU and Federica Mogerini today in Sremska Mitrovica. Vucic described the opposition in Serbia as the „worst scum“ that “served Kosovo’s surrender on a platter.” He claimed that the EU told him the platform on the dialogue would not be adopted, as well as that an indictment would be filed against ten Kosovo Serbs and that „everyone free and brave“ will be expelled from Kosovo, so that only „the elderly and the weak“ remain and that there is no one who would oppose the Albanians.

Vucic also emphasized that „there is no more Storm and Flash“ and that Serbia is ready to protect the people. For the adoption of the negotiating platform in the Kosovo Assembly yesterday, he stressed that if it appears on the agenda, it would be „a disaster for the entire Balkans“.



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