Jankovic: Kostic is a world-class scholar, but he is wrong about Kosovo

Translation provided by KoSSev

You can watch the guest appearance of Professor Vladeta Janković from the 19:50 mark.

Former ambassador and professor, Vladeta Jankovic said during a guest appearance on the TV show „Medju nama” that the president of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU), Vladimir Kostic is a world-class scholar playing for a league like no other and that he is a great man. Jankovic, however, stated that Kostic’s statement on Kosovo is dangerous.

„He asked why his statement was incorrect. Kostic said that Kosovo does not belong to us de facto or de jure. The first part is acceptable. It de facto does not belong to us, and everyone can see that, but de jure, according to international law, it certainly belongs to us. We must not give that up. That is the property right,“ said Jankovic.

He stated that Serbia did sign something – such as the Brussels Agreement, but that it did not sign a legally binding agreement that would open the door for Kosovo to join the UN.

„Then we would de jure lose Kosovo. Both Europe and America, they were all upon us to admit it. If it is not ours de jure, why are they pressuring us?“ concluded Jankovic.



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