Heldt: Germany categorically against partition. The aim is to focus on the living conditions of Kosovo Serbs

FOTO: Kosovsko predsedništvo

The partition of Kosovo would create potential for a destabilization effect on the region and beyond, said the Ambassador of Germany in Pristina, Christian Heldt.

In an interview with the Zeri newspaper, the diplomat claimed Germany is categorically opposed to partition, because no one believes that the border change will lead to a lasting solution between Serbia and Kosovo.

“ Germany, as well as the absolute majority of its partners, remains without doubt behind the territorial integrity of Kosovo.“

„There was no one to give me a compelling answer to the question of what problems such a partition would solve. Would it bring any kind of improvement for the majority of Kosovo Serbs living south of the Ibar? Would it improve the situation of historic and religious sites, such as the Serbian Orthodox monasteries? Would it strengthen the representation of the Serb community within Kosovo society? No,“ said the German ambassador.

„To put it more clearly: Germany does not believe that border changes would lead to a viable solution between Serbia and Kosovo. Rather, they would create potential for destabilizing effects in the region and beyond. That is why we are categorically opposed.“

Instead, the goal should be to focus on the vital conditions of the Serbian people in the whole of Kosovo, and not just in „privileged regions“.

„Why are the citizens of North Mitrovica and Gracanica more interested in preserving their past political vision than to preserve their future and the future for their children? – the Ambassador posed a question while saying that the vital conditions are about the creation of perspectives and not only about halting the displacement of the Kosovo Serb community.

„It is about political participation that should be seen as a truly independent contribution to the political processes in this country and as a dedication to the Serbian community in Kosovo. It is about participation in the economy, where an environment is to be created, and that is the rule of law, which attracts investors, not the fear of the investor. It is about social participation in which the conscious Serbian community in Kosovo actively contributes to the common life, with all the historical contributions of the different ethnic groups that the region has characterized for centuries,“ said Heldt.

To achieve all these goals, Kosovo needs to make general progress in strengthening its institutions, judicial reform in combating corruption and organized crime, stressed the Ambassador to the Pristina-based daily.

He believed that the majority population needs to make a special effort in spite of their newer heavy history to „move closer to those groups of population that, statistically, are less“.

„It is time to overcome the early past. After the horrors of the twentieth century, in which we Germans have sinned across this continent, the courageous work of the European Union has created something new: the European Union is in fact far more than a free trade zone, it is a recipe for cohabitation in diversity. That is why I am a persuasive European. That is why I want coexistence in the EU, which expresses Kosovo’s historic diversity as well as the diversity of the whole region. There is no place for geopolitical recipes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; Europe means interconnection and not the separation of diversity. Courage to achieve this I wish to all participants!“

„Every history deserves respect. Here are the state organs of Kosovo – who have equal obligations towards each citizen of this country – those who have to be especially cautious. Attacks on groups of Serbian Orthodox pilgrims I consider terrible, but also launching hand grenades against Serb family members of the KSF. I cannot justify when decisions of Kosovo’s highest courts for the return of Serb Orthodox Church property are simply ignored. Also, I have no understanding of political blockades in the Kosovo Assembly, which is clearly against the original interests of the entire population in Kosovo. This list can be continued, but I have focused on issues that are burdensome to citizens and directly affect the benefits of citizens. Kosovo faces numerous challenges to further perspectives for all citizens,“ added the German Ambassador to Kosovo.



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