Haziri: Presevo Valley to join Kosovo, Leposavic and 17 villages to be annexed to Serbia

Ljutfi Haziri
FOTO: Koha

Serbia „will not accept the independence of Kosovo without compromise,“ the deputy chairman of the LDK party and the mayor of Gnjilane/Gjilan, Lutfi Haziri said last night in the „Debati Plus“ show on RTV Dukagjini. Haziri proposed land swap as a solution which would, in his words, lead to recognition – „Presevo Valley“ in exchange for Leposavic and 17 villages.

„We cannot make this offer, but an international representative will make it,“ Haziri said, Telegrafi reported.

Haziri underlined that Kosovo „has no other problems with Serbia, except the border,“ adding that land swap is the solution.

„Kosovo with February 17th (2008) borders is not enough for some Albanians,“ Haziri said, adding that he would not like for Albanians in Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja to „remain under Serb rule.“

„I am in favor of returning that area to Kosovo,“ Haziri explained.

He specified that in that case, as a compromise solution, Leposavic with 17 Serb majority villages would be annexed to Serbia.

Haziri also said that no Albanian village in Kosovo would be annexed to Serbia.

This is not the first time Haziri publicly presented this idea as a solution to the Kosovo issue.

Back in May, he also said that if he were the Prime Minister of Kosovo, he would agree to a land swap – exchanging 17 villages in the vicinity of Leposavic, but also Zubin Potok, for Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac.

In addition, a pinned post shared on Haziri’s official Facebook page on Tuesday reads:
„Last week GornjeKaracevo, this week the Decane-Plav road, next week Leposavic with 17 villages… Noise, populism and chatter. September 2nd is really beginning! Do not spread fear, but act like statesmen. Ristovci, the border between Kosovo and Serbia, in the southeast of Kosovo!“

The LDK chief, Isa Mustafa commented on the allegations of the deputy of this party.

Mustafa rejected land swap as one of the possible solutions that would lead to an agreement between Belgrade and Pristina.

„The clear position of the LDK, confirmed in the political platform for dialogue adopted by the main board of the LDK, is that there will be no border change or land swap with Serbia, and Prime Minister Hoti goes into dialogue with Serbia in Washington and Brussels with such an attitude,“ Mustafa said.

The Abbot of the Visoki Decani monastery, Sava Janjic commented on the allegations of the mayor of Gnjilane/Gjilan via Twitter, saying that the majority of Kosovo Serbs do not live in Leposavic and 17 Serb villages in the north of Kosovo.

“This dangerous idea takes into consideration only interests of one ethnic group – Kosovo Albanians. It’ll open land-swap processes throughout the Balkans and encourage rabid nationalist claims.”

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