Gazeta: Commission formed for war crimes committed by Serbia against the population of Kosovo

Skupština Kosova
Skupština Kosova

The Kosovo Assembly adopted a proposal on Monday to establish an ad hoc commission for the conviction of „war crimes committed by the Serbian state against the population of Kosovo,“ Pristina – based Gazeta Express reported. This commission was formed following last week’s dismissal of Minister of Local Government Administration, Ivan Todosijevic, which occurred as a result of his statements on Racak, and the announced drafting of a law on „the punishment of denying the crimes of Serbia and genocide.“

The proposal of the NISMA deputy, Bilal Sherifi, to form “an ad hoc commission for the conviction of the crimes of Serbia,” which would result in a joint resolution, was adopted, with 66 votes in favor.

„Bearing in mind the statements of political parties regarding the sanctioning of crimes of genocide by Serbia, the state, the army, all segments of Serbia in Kosovo, I think it’s time to form an ad hoc assembly commission and to include all party declarations in a joint resolution,“ Sherifi said, Gazeta Express wrote.

„The resolution the European Parliament adopted for Srebrenica was used as a model. I think and I believe that we can have experts in our assembly and outside of it who can help us, but the model of the European Parliament should be sufficient. The resolution will later be used as a basis from which other acts will arise. In order to condemn this genocidal crime, in order to adopt laws,“ he underlined.

LDK, PDK, Self-Determination, AAK, PSD, and 6 other parliamentary groups appointed their representatives to this commission.

President of the Kosovo Assembly, Kadri Veseli, welcomed the idea, saying that the aim of this resolution is to take new steps through it and that the „International Criminal Tribunal for Serbia“ should be formed, Koha reported.

„The idea is not just to make a resolution, but to take steps through this resolution, we must go to the Council of Europe, to the committee of the European Parliament. There must be an International Criminal Tribunal for Serbia, and this must, of course, represent the honor and dignity of this country. The denial of the massacre is happening today, and will continue to happen five years later,“ Veseli said, the Kosova Press reported.

This commission was formed following last week’s dismissal of the Minister of Local Government Administration from the ranks of Srpska Lista, Ivan Todosijevic – over his statements on Racak – but also following the order of the Kosovo government’s Cabinet for the Ministry of Justice to draft a law on „the punishment of denying the crimes of Serbia and genocide.“

Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj said that Todosijevic was dismissed due to his „hate speech“, while Deputy Minister of Justice Vesna Mikic was also dismissed earlier over having a similar position on the NATO bombing.

In the meantime, the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation against Todosijevic because of his „statements.“



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