Haradinaj dismisses Mikic over NATO bombing Facebook post

Haradinaj Mikic
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Deputy Minister of Justice and a member of Srpska Lista, Vesna Mikic has been dismissed from the function of deputy minister after posting about the NATO bombings on Facebook.

Deputy Minister of Justice in the Kosovo Government, Vesna Mikic was dismissed today, after writing on her Facebook profile yesterday that the NATO campaign against the FR followed a decade of fighting against Albanian terrorists and that NATO committed deliberate genocide.

„Exactly 20 years ago today, a deliberately planned genocide was committed by the NATO alliance in a sovereign country that has been fighting back against Albanian terrorism within its borders for a decade,“ Mikic posted via Facebook, after which one of the PDK MPs in the Kosovo Assembly, Ganimete Musliu requested Mikic’s dismissal from the Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj.

Mikic was dismissed during today’s session of the Kosovo Government.

„There is no place for individuality, regardless of ethnicity, or for the contempt of common Euro-Atlantic values in the government and institutions of the Republic of Kosovo. Especially bearing in mind that the state of Kosovo was created on these values. The statement by the deputy justice minister, Vesna Mikic, according to whom the NATO bombing was a genocide against the state and the Serbian people is unacceptable and represents hate speech, sanctioned by the Constitution and the law. Therefore, I dismissed Deputy Minister Mikic today,“ Haradinaj wrote on Facebook.

Mikic is the second official of Srpska Lista in the Government of Kosovo to be dismissed this year. The former Minister of Agriculture, Nenad Rikalo was dismissed in early February.

Srpska Lista assessed today’s move of the Kosovo government as proof that „the political appointments of Haradinaj, Thaci and Veseli’s private and flexible Serbs in Pristina institutions continue“, the statement of this party delivered to Beta agency reads.

The Office for Kosovo and Metohija agreed with this assessment, adding that Vesna Mikic „expressed a predominant opinion among the Serbian people“ by declaring that „the aggression towards the Serbian people is genocide and that the Albanian separatists are terrorists“.

In the meantime, Vesna Mikic also reacted.

„If we, the representatives of the Serbian community, have to talk and think only in the way they expect us to and only what they want to hear, then what kind of democracy are we talking about today,“ she told RTV Puls.

Mikic stated that she heard the news about her dismissal from a friend who saw it on Haradinaj’s Facebook profile. Considering that she did not officially receive information about her dismissal, Mikic announced that she will go to work tomorrow as usual.
„I do not think that anyone’s rights are being violated if I express my opinion and position on my private Facebook profile. If, as a representative of the Serbian people, I have no right to mention that day, for which everyone in the world knows that this was an unlawful act and that the aggression against Serbia was an unjust act, if so, how can we interpret their ‘Epopee’ in Prekaze near Pec when they celebrated the start of the aggression on the FRY as a historic day for the Albanian people in Kosovo,“ Mikic said, adding that if democracy is intended for only one community in Kosovo, we have nothing to talk about, RTV Puls reported.

Odluka Vesna Mikić Haradinaj ostavka, otkaz
Foto: Facebook/Ramush Haradinaj

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