Gashi: „Clear path“ for agreement, LVV will not take risks because it is within reach of a clear victory in the next elections

Špetim Gaši
FOTO: NGO Aktiv/MSC/Youtube

Though Self-Determination finds the court’s decision unacceptable, it will not resort to undemocratic means to try to prevent the implementation of the decision, so we will have a peaceful transition of power, the Vice-President of the Council for Inclusive Governance, Shpetim Gashi told KoSSev.

“We all know that Richard Grenell and Hashim Thaci want this government and nothing can stop it. There are many even in the LDK that are unhappy with the new government knowing that Hashim Thaci will be the de facto prime minister. Avdullah Hoti’s salary may increase as prime minister, but not his power,” Gashi told KoSSev following last night’s decision of the Kosovo Constitutional Court.

The Court declared the decree of the President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci – which appointed Avdullah Hoti from the ranks of LDK as the prime minister-designate of the new Kosovo government – as constitutional.

When asked whether Thaci will now have „clear path“ for reaching a possible agreement with Belgrade, which has been speculated about for months, even years, with the latest rumors that Grenell is now in a hurry, Gashi replied:

„I think Thaci will have a clear path for any agreement. If that agreement includes amnesty and bringing the Specialist Chambers to Kosovo, then NISMA and AAK will probably support it. The LDK will be too weak to go against the Americans, so they will agree. LVV will not be able to stop that.“

Self-Determination within reach of winning a clear majority in the next elections, will not risk undermining its support

Gashi also underlined that the Self-Determination party is now a consolidated party and has a mature leadership that “will not experiment with any unconventional methods.”

“Self-Determination is also within reach of winning a clear majority in the next elections, which could happen within a year, and will not use undemocratic methods and so risk undermining its support,” he said.

Gashi revealed that he does not expect unrest – as some analysts have been warning. He also recalled the current capacity of the Self-Determination party, but also the party’s past.

“I believe Self-Determination will come up with ways to demonstrate its dissatisfaction, most likely with peaceful protests, strengthen its activities against corruption and organized crime and so maintain its momentum,” Gashi concluded.

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